My name is Stefan and I am a software engineer with a not-so-serious attitude and a love for all things code. With over 12 years of experience under my belt, I like to think I know a thing or two about programming languages like PHP, Python, and frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, and Django.

But don’t let my technical skills fool you, I’m also a bit of a jokester and love to bring a bit of humor to the workplace. In my free time, you can find me tinkering with Docker, trying to break things just so I can fix them (it’s a love-hate relationship).

If you’re in need of a developer who can not only get the job done but also bring a smile to your face, then I’m your guy. P.S, I love a good challenge, so bring on the tough projects!

My career timeline

Contract – Node

As a contractor, I have worked on this project and it involved utilizing a energy consumption sensor on Arduino. Using this allowed me to accurately monitor and track energy usage data, providing valuable insights into usage patterns and potential areas for optimization.

To efficiently manage this data, I have integrated the sensor with the company invoice software that utilized a mix between Laravel / Symfony and RabbitMQ. This allowed for a seamless data transmission, ensuring that the energy consumption data was easily accessible and actionable within the invoicing software.

Throughout the project, I had to leveraged my expertise in Python, as well as my experience working with PHP and RabbitMQ, to ensure that the integration was successful and the data was accurately transmitted. The result was a powerful tool that provided users with valuable insights into their energy usage patterns, while streamlining their invoicing process.

Contract – Cancer Research

Successfully completed this project that involved changing the payment gateway and creating a Python dashboard using Pandas to track payment and expenses.

Throughout the project, I leveraged my extensive experience in Drupal ecommerce and AWS Lambda to create a seamless integration that improved the overall functionality and user experience. This involved changing the payment gateway to ensure optimal payment processing and creating a Python dashboard using Pandas to effectively track payment and expenses.

In addition, I utilized my strong problem-solving skills to identify and address any potential issues throughout the project. I worked collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure that their requirements and expectations were met, resulting in a successful and impactful project.

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