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I'am a freelance web developer locate in Munich available for freelance work in software development companies and web development agencies.

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Stefan Izdrail

Started back in 2000 when the web was just started to extend himself across multiple devices and multiple channels using html and css to create simple web pages for my personal website who was hosted on a small apache server.

I am a 30 years old romanian freelance developer who likes beautiful code and has an adherence to standards & open-source solutions. I study Software Engineering & Security and work as a Web Developer in London, Milan, Munich, Bucharest.

I like to specialise in securing enterprise level web applications esp. on Unix-like platforms. As a full stack web developer I practice framework-based web application development primary using Laravel.

I have a long experience as a professional web developer, and i am capable of all aspects of mobile web development and have worked in my current position with frameworks like Laravel Symphony and Codeigniter.

I have a lot of experience working with WordPress CMS from building complex plugins ( custom fields , improvement of queries , BodyPress Modules, ) and responsive themes .
In my process of creating wordpress plugins i try to use open source Boilerplates and open source wordpress themes frameworks.


Some of my service as an freelance web developer locate in Munich available for freelance work in software development companies and web development agencies.

Laravel Developer


My skills with laravel framework include : laravel eloquent , laravel queues, laravel elixir, laravel auth.

Codeigniter Developer


My skills with codeigniter framework include developing: crud applications, using orm, hmvc, producing backend system, creating crm systems

Angular Js Developer


My skills with angularjs include : angular1, angular2 , angular4

Wordpress Developer


My skills with wordpress include: wordpress plugin development , woocomerce development, wordpress multisite, wordpress themes

Magento Developer


My skills with magento include : custom plugins, custom themes, magento marketplace, magento payment systems

Javascript Developer


My skills with javascript include : angular framework, es2017, es2016, jQuery, plain javascript

Django Developer


My skills in Django CMS include : page speed optimisation, onpage optimisation, back-end development, frontend development, freelance api development

IonicJS Developer


My skills with ionic js development framework include : mobile aplication development , cordova plugin development, cordova plugin implementation

Project Manager


My skills in project management include: jira, agile development, continuus deployment,

Seo Manager


My skills in SEO include : page speed optimisation, onpage optimisation, seo ssl certificates, google local optimisation, amp optimisation


Over the years I have worked on a massive amount of digital projects, from static websites, landing pages, single page aplications, custom web applications to ecommerce solutions and progressive web applications.

1 year

2017 - present

Line Manager

Iris Worldwide Munich

With Iris WorldWide i had the chance to perfect my skills in business development and i had the opportunity of working with the best marketing team in Europe.

2 years

2015 - 2017

Senior Developer

Katana, London

At Katana London i've managed to get a better understanding of different business aspects and i had the chance of leading remote teams and get a better understanding of software development in different markets.

3 years

2012 - 2015

Mid Developer

Net Ten, Special Business Partner, Milan

4 years

2008 - 2012

Freelance Web Developer

Huckleberry Branding, Bucharest

My first job in computer engineering , the place where i could put in practice all the knowledge acquired during the university


4 years

2012 - 2016

OWASP Certification

@Spiru Haret

Doing an OWASP Certification in computer security helped me in my career to better undersand computer software development and introduce me in effects of security during development of a service.

1 years

2012 - 2013

Wordpress Certification


Taking this course helped me get a better understanding of wordpress cms and how to use it in different projects accross multiple business environements .

4 year

2007 - 2011

Computer Science

@Spiru Haret

Took Computer science courses at one of the best universities in Bucharest helped me develop my skills as a software engineer .

4 years

2003 - 2007

History & Social Politics


History & Social Politics help me develop my skills as a person and was the place where i've started leaning to code durring breaks

Freelance Web Services

If you find yourself searching this list of web development services don't hesitate to give me a call and i can help you with your project. .

Frontend Development

I offer freelance frontend web development services using latest tools and methodologies for frontend development.

Backend Development

I offer backend development services accross London Munich Milan Buchares. I can help you build your microservices or your rest api.

Seo Development

Search engine optimisation is one of my key area of expertise, i can deliver web pages that are highly optimise and with a very good page speed result.

Magento Developmet

Magento Development is one of my key area of expertise , with more than 8 years of experience i can deliver magento themes, magento plugins, magento custom implementation making your project succed in sales and new custommers.

Laravel Development

I can say about myself i realy like backend development and i try to use new technologies like laravel framework providing to the customer the best scalable framework.

Wordpress development

I design and build fast, easy to use WordPress websites. Most of the time I'm building themes and plugins to your designs, but I also love to get stuck in to the early stages, including design and UI.

Unique Web Design

When building an website i like to create unique designs following the latest design principles and tools like Angular Material Design, Bem Syntax, Atom Design.

Codeigniter Framework

I used codeigniter framework for a long time and this allowed me to get a perfect understanding of this framework so in this way i can provide freelance codeigniter development services for my clients.

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Stefan worked with us an freelancer and helped us with creating a new social network , setup new linux server and created a good documentation on existing projects.




I've worked with stefan at net ten an built more than 10 websites , during this time he helped us raise our portfolio and get new clients and a better understanding of the market .



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I'm usually available for freelance work to get my status or get in contact with me just drop me an mail.


If you have a new project or need advice regarding your software on how to improve it don't hesitate to contact me .

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