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Build Modern Web Apps Using PHP

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language widely used in web development. Mature and well-tested, PHP is constantly being developed to provide new features and become even more robust and flexible.

Varied PHP frameworks allow developers to use powerful tools that facilitate the development process. Easy to start with but hard to master, PHP can be a beast if used properly by skilled developers, like those from Lzo Media.

Test-Driven Development

PHP offers the PHPUnit testing framework, which efficiently performs unit tests to evaluate fragments of code. Such an approach saves a lot of developers’ time, and makes finding bugs and issues with the code much easier and faster.

Top Documentation

PHP provides extensive documentation, which comprehensively describes the ins and outs of the language. When in doubt, a quick look is all a developer needs to get on with his work. Therefore, PHP documentation makes development much faster and developers’ life easier.

Powerful Frameworks

From Symfony and Aura to Zend and Laravel, PHP offers a wide selection of powerful frameworks that greatly improve its scalability, maintenance and provide a myriad of outstanding features. Powerful PHP frameworks prove an invaluable help in PHP development.

Active Community

PHP has a huge and active community always ready to help developers solve their problems. Given the omnipresence of PHP in many web projects and its popularity in web development, it is highly likely that a solution for a given problem is already known.