Laravel Development

The best Laravel development company in London

If you are planning to build a perfect application, then you need to choose the Laravel development company and VueJS development company to start your project today, so what are you waiting for? Go and Grab the best developers!

At LzoMedia we harness the open-source power of PHP to create stunning web portals and applications. Our Laravel developers have experienced professionals whose Laravel development services has served several businesses in such a way that they gain a foothold in the hyper-competitive digital landscape.

For us doesn’t matter if you have an enterprise website that can collect dynamic user input or an eCommerce store that has thousands of underlying product pages — LzoMedia’s Laravel development services can create and launch any kind of website of your choice.

We have worked with all sizes and types of businesses — from the pioneers who are setting the trends to the visionaries who are on their way to change the IT world.

If you have an idea that needs a scalable, time-proof and affordable solution, our Laravel development services has the answer. Our services would help you reach the market quickly with websites and web applications that are stable, bug-free and also enriched with great UX.

The projects developed by our programmers offer safety, quality, transparency and good optimization so that every business is productive and efficient. All this is provided at a reasonable price.

How we use Laravel

Laravel Crm Integration

If you need a CRM or ERP system integration, we’re always available to help. Our Laravel CRM integration services are extended by our large experience in web development field.


One of our extensive experience is in delivering deliver custom content management systems (CMS) for our clients. If you’re looking for Laravel CMS development in the UK,Italy,Germany search no further than Lzo Media.


After we build your new application within a strong test suite, ongoing Laravel maintenance and support is simple with Lzo Media.


To ensure best performance of your Laravel application, we take care of the hosting architecture and provide a wide range of options. From auto-scaling PaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure, to fully redundant, load-balanced global deployments across multiple regions, our Laravel hosting services are here to suit you.