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Hosting Laravel on Nginx and PHP-FPM platform from Lzo Media

Laravel is a free, open-source web framework written in PHP, created by Taylor Otwell and designed to develop web applications based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive and elegant syntax. We believe that development must be a pleasant and creative experience that is truly fulfilled. 
Laravel simplifies the process by facilitating common tasks used in most web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Laravel’s subsequent migration to a composer-based architecture allowed for the integration of various components within Symfony, leading to the availability of additional Artisan features in Laravel 4.

What does Laravel offer?

  • you can write expressive syntaxes
  • can be used for team projects
  • is open source
  • has modern toolkits
  • template engine
  • automatic pagination

Through VestaCP, the installation of Laravel on servers can be done with just a few clicks. Subsequent administration is facilitated by the tools already included in Laravel.

LzoMedia performs daily backups for your Laravel site. For maximum information security, backups are archived remotely.

All Linux web hosting subscriptions support Laravel
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Why hosting Laravel at LzoMedia?

  • high-performance servers, optimized for Laravel
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