Over the years I have worked on a massive amount of digital projects, from static websites, landing pages, single page aplications, custom web applications to ecommerce solutions.

1 year

2017 - present

Line Manager

Iris Worldwide Munich

With Iris WorldWide i had the chance to perfect my skills in business development and i had the opportunity of working with the best marketing team in Europe.

2 years

2015 - 2017

Senior Developer

Katana, London

At Katana London i've managed to get a better understanding of different business aspects and i had the chance of leading remote teams and get a better understanding of software development in different markets.

3 years

2012 - 2015

Mid Developer

Net Ten, Special Business Partner, Milan

4 years

2008 - 2012

Freelance Web Developer

Huckleberry Branding, Bucharest

My first job in computer engineering , the place where i could put in practice all the knowledge acquired during the university


4 years

2012 - 2016

OWASP Certification

@Spiru Haret

Doing an OWASP Certification in computer security helped me in my career to better undersand computer software development and introduce me in efects of security during development of a service.

1 years

2012 - 2013

Wordpress Certification


Taking this course helped me get a better understanding of wordpress cms and how to use it in different projects accross multiple business environements .

4 year

2007 - 2011

Computer Science

@Spiru Haret

Took Computer science courses at one of the best universities in Bucharest helped me develop my skills as a software engineer .

4 years

2003 - 2007

History & Social Politics


History & Social Politics help me develop my skills as a person and was the place where i've started leaning to code durring breaks

WooCommerce Development

I’ve worked with plenty of eCommerce websites and have found WooCommerce to be a fantastic add-on to WordPress for your store. I can help customize your cart pages, as well as guiding you to the best plugins available.

Wordpress Consultant

Are you thinking about using WordPress for your company website? I can help you plan it. Do you need to know the best plugins to use for specific features? Using my experience I can point you in the right direction. Do you need regular support from someone who can answer your WordPress questions? I can be your business' go-to person.

Wordpress Optimisation

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Wordpress Themes

We provide all the end-user features to compete with the best themes out there, but we've also built everything around being extendable for developers.

Wordpress Plugins

Looking for someone that builds custom WordPress plugins? I might be the guy you are looking for. I’ve been building WordPress plugins for a number of years now. I’ve build all types of plugins, ranging from checklists, football manager/ sport club manager, custom API integrations, dashboard widgets, PDF watermarker. Have an idea but not sure what you exactly need? I can help you figure out what you need.