WooCommerce Development

I’ve worked with plenty of eCommerce websites and have found WooCommerce to be a fantastic add-on to WordPress for your store. I can help customize your cart pages, as well as guiding you to the best plugins available.


Are you thinking about using WordPress for your company website? I can help you plan it. Do you need to know the best plugins to use for specific features? Using my experience I can point you in the right direction. Do you need regular support from someone who can answer your WordPress questions? I can be your business' go-to person.

Wordpress Optimisation

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Wordpress Themes

We provide all the end-user features to compete with the best themes out there, but we've also built everything around being extendable for developers.

Wordpress Plugins

Looking for someone that builds custom WordPress plugins? I might be the guy you are looking for. I’ve been building WordPress plugins for a number of years now. I’ve build all types of plugins, ranging from checklists, football manager/ sport club manager, custom API integrations, dashboard widgets, PDF watermarker. Have an idea but not sure what you exactly need? I can help you figure out what you need.

Freelance Wordpress Developer

If you find yourself searching this list of web development services don't hesitate to give me a call and i can help you with your project. .

If you want a clunky, slow website that users and search engines will hate, you've come to the wrong place.

I design and build fast, easy to use WordPress websites. Most of the time I'm building themes and plugins to your designs, but I also love to get stuck in to the early stages, including design and UI.

What sets my work apart? It's focused on providing both you and your users with the best possible experience. That means building websites that meet your business goals, and the goals of your users. Your site will be fast, secure, and easy to use. I also offer on-going WordPress support - including update management, security hardening, and more.