Rank Title
1 The benefits of using Laravel, Hexagonal Arhitecture and RabbitMQ
2 Smart Contracts: An Evolutionary Approach to Streamlining Business Processes
3 The Ability to Visualize: Exploring Aphantasia and Mental Imagery
4 A React component for reading Kodemo documents
5 A whatsapp web clone using react, mongodb and web sockets
6 React Digest
7 Fixing a Memory Leak in a Production Node.js App
8 FortiOS Flaw Exploited as Zero-Day in Attacks on Government and Organizations
9 A Secure User Authentication Method – Planning is More Important than Ever
10 Unlock Your Potential: Get 9 Online Cyber Security Courses for Just $49.99
11 StrongPity Hackers Distribute Trojanized Telegram App to Target Android Users
12 ICE releases asylum seekers after exposing their data
13 Facebook Introduces New Features for End-to-End Encrypted Messenger App
14 How to Install Go Language on Ubuntu
15 Beyond Bash: 9 Lesser-Known Linux Shells and Their Capabilities
16 8 Best Window Managers for Linux
17 Best Accessories to Supercharge Your Raspberry Pi
18 How to Use ‘head’ Command to Manage Files Effectively
19 Control Your Android Device via Linux Desktop
20 Install ESXi in a VirtualBox VM
21 GitHub Copilot for the Windows systems administrator
22 Migrate a SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database
23 Regex in VSCode
24 Review: The Truth by Terry Pratchett
25 Debian — Security Information — DSA-5315-1 libxstream-java
26 Severe Security Flaw Found in “jsonwebtoken” Library Used by 22,000+ Projects
27 Mailchimp Suffers Another Security Breach Compromising Some Customers’ Information
28 Chinese Hackers Exploited Recent Fortinet Flaw as 0-Day to Drop Malware
29 Kruger Music – A Spotify clone Built with React and Redux
30 A Solana dApp with NextJS and TypeScript
31 The real time kanban boards for groups
32 A money transfer platform made with React and Tailwind CSS
33 A fullstack application for managing a kindergarten
34 Laravel Deleted Models Package
35 Laracon EU Lisbon 2023
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