Libraries You Should Know as a React Developer

Created on March 18, 2023 at 4:01 pm

In order to excel as a React developer, it is important not only to have a solid understanding of the core concepts of React, but also to be familiar with the wide array of libraries that are available in the React ecosystem. Utilizing these libraries can greatly simplify the development process for your applications. Below is a list of some of the most useful React libraries that every React developer should know:

  1. React Joyride – This library makes it easy to create guided tours and walkthroughs for your React applications. With React Joyride, you can create customizable, step-by-step guides that help users learn about the features of your app.
  2. React Hook Form – This library provides React Hooks for managing form state and validating user input. With React Hook Form, you can easily create forms that are both efficient and user-friendly.
  3. Recharts – Recharts is a charting library built with React and D3. With Recharts, you can create dynamic and interactive charts for your applications with just a few lines of code.
  4. React Big Calendar – This library is designed for creating events calendars with React. React Big Calendar is highly customizable and can be used to create both simple and complex calendars for your applications.
  5. React Beautiful DnD – This is a drag-and-drop library for lists built with React. React Beautiful DnD is highly customizable and accessible, making it easy to implement drag-and-drop functionality in your applications.
  6. React Table – This library makes it easy to create powerful tables and data grids for your applications. With React Table, you can create tables with advanced sorting, filtering, and pagination capabilities.
  7. React Query – React Query is an open-source data fetching library developed by Tanner Linsley. With React Query, you can easily manage asynchronous data fetching in your applications, with features like caching and automatic retries.
  8. Redux – Redux is a JavaScript library for managing application state. With Redux, you can easily manage complex state in your applications, making it easier to build and maintain large-scale projects.
  9. MUI Core (formerly Material-UI) – MUI Core is a popular UI framework for React that implements Google’s Material Design. With MUI Core, you can create beautiful and responsive user interfaces for your applications.
  10. React Advanced Cropper – This library makes it easy to create customized image crops for your designs. With React Advanced Cropper, you can easily crop images in your applications with advanced features like zoom and rotation.
  11. React Colorful – This is a tiny, dependency-free, and accessible color picker component. With React Colorful, you can easily add color picking functionality to your applications.
  12. React Spring – React Spring is a spring-physics-based animation library for React applications. With React Spring, you can create complex and dynamic animations with ease.
  13. React Tsparticles – This library allows you to create highly customizable particle animations in your React applications. With React Tsparticles, you can create stunning visual effects and animations.
  14. React Popper – This library enables you to position tooltips and popovers elegantly and efficiently in your applications. With React Popper, you can easily add tooltip and popover functionality to your designs.
  15. React PDF Viewer – This is a PDF viewer created specifically for React applications. With React PDF Viewer, you can easily add PDF viewing functionality to your applications.

By leveraging these and other React libraries, you can greatly enhance your development process and create more efficient, dynamic, and user-friendly applications.

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