Habbits of succesfull developers

Created on March 16, 2023 at 7:46 pm
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Consider two software developers, Dev A and Dev B, who have similar skills and experience in languages, frameworks, platforms, methodologies, and industries. However, some indicators suggest that Dev A will have a more successful career than Dev B. Technical skills and experience alone are not sufficient for success in software development. Instead, successful software developers possess critical behavioral characteristics and mindsets that distinguish them from others. We asked several software professionals about the habits and traits that differentiate great developers from the rest of the pack, and they identified ten habits that predict success.

Writing clean, reusable code that is easy to read and test is an essential characteristic of high-quality software development. To achieve this, each function should have only one purpose, and variables and functions should have clear, meaningful names. Additionally, developers should understand how their code helps drive the overall business and speak the language of the business.

Great developers are also disciplined, which means they do not sacrifice quality for speed and embrace processes that help them succeed. They recognize the value of focused time for development work and figure out ways to ensure they get it. Moreover, they are deeply focused on the right thing and do not get sidetracked by nice-to-haves or pie-in-the-sky thinking that is not moving them closer to their target.

Successful software developers listen more than they speak, are willing to admit when they do not know something, and avoid spewing out technical jargon when they do not know the answer to a particular question. Finally, they take responsibility for what they deliver, not just to the repository, but to the user.

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