Google has introduce a new update Desktop Search Design

Created on March 14, 2023 at 2:04 pm

I’m excited to share with you that Google has recently announced that they will be rolling out an updated desktop search results design, similar to the one introduced on mobile search in October 2021. This new layout includes the addition of favicons and site names in desktop search results, which aims to make search results and ads more visually distinct, improving the user experience.

The addition of site names to search results is a significant enhancement, as it allows users to quickly identify the website associated with each link. This feature is especially helpful for those who are browsing multiple tabs or are conducting research on various topics simultaneously. Furthermore, Google will adjust the size and shape of favicons that appear in search results to make them more visible, improving the overall aesthetics of the search results page.

Clear labeling of ads is also an essential aspect of this updated design. Google is committed to providing clear labeling for ads to ensure users can distinguish them from organic search results. To achieve this, the label for Search ads will now appear on its own line in the top-left corner of the ad, making it easier to spot. Mobile ads will be labeled with the word “Sponsored” in bold black text, making them more noticeable and distinct from other types of content.

I understand that it is crucial to have accurate and visually appealing site names to increase the chances of attracting clicks from potential visitors. To improve the accuracy of the site name displayed for your website in search results, it is recommended to use WebSite structured data. While it is impossible to manually change site names for individual sites, structured data helps Google understand your website’s content and references to it that appear online, providing a more accurate representation of the source of each result.

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