Why hire me as a freelance Magento Developer ?

My name is Stefan. I'm a professional full-stack engineer based in the London, UK. I develop web applications and have a strong background in cloud-based solutions, API development, distributed computing, and prototyping utilising Php and the Magento CMS .

I excel at helping clients bring their ideas to life, and when you hire me, I'll do the same for you!

I’m a Magento developer, and run a development agency, Lzo Media. I'm available for hire. Email me if you want to get more information.

Why choose me for your magento project?

I will try to help you make your vision a reality. I have extensive experience in both the technical and the business side of a company, and I can help you with getting your company off the ground in all areas.

I have more than 5 years of experience in Magento, and about half of that in creating and running businesses. I love development overall, and have gathered lots of relevant experience because of this (this site should provide ample evidence). My passion is creating things users will love, and engaging with people to improve the products. I build maintainable, scalable and extensible applications.

My work

Since my list of projects is so long and varied, it exists in a few places. You can have a look at my personal résumé/GitHub profile or my company’s GitHub profile, but there are lots of other stuff that didn’t fit in either list. Mainly, my experience is in PHP, mostly web development with Magento, but I’ve taken a liking to React recently. Other parts of my professional self include interaction design, analytics and improving metrics, business development, etc.

My technology stack

This section is a bit too large and general to list. My preferred stack is MYSQL, PHP, Magento and Nginx, but if it’s got something to do with web development and Python, I’ve probably worked with it.

My process

If you’re interested in in working with me, please be aware that my day rate is £500. Below is a description of my development process and contracting guidelines. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. To me, developing a product is about solving a business need. Since you’re the person who knows the most about your business, I’d like to be in contact with you throughout the entire development process. I don’t find that being handed a spec and dropping off the radar for weeks to develops it leads to great results, so I’m not a fan of that approach. The first thing I’d like to do is understand your requirements, market, budget and timeframe. We would then begin planning your project, both in terms of general user interactions and overall architecture, as I’ve found that the former greatly dictates the latter, but the latter usually constrains the former. After the planning is done, I work with milestones to help deliver consistent, visible progress that’s easy to plan for.

My contracting guidelines

I’m only interested in remote work, at the moment. I work from my own office, and am always available by IM, email or phone. I invoice every two weeks and invoices are expected to be paid within seven days. The first week is paid upfront as a deposit. I do from time to time work for projects on equity.

Contact freelance django developer

I’m @LzoMedia on Instagram, you can find me there, if you like. I like receiving email from people. If you need any development done (or just want to say hi), please do email me. Thank you!