Flathub’s Plans for 2023

Created on March 14, 2023 at 1:57 pm

Flathub has become the go-to app store for Linux, with over 2,000 available apps and daily downloads surpassing 700,000. The team behind Flathub is working hard to enhance the platform’s capabilities and ensure continued growth. Endless CEO and GNOME board president Rob McQueen recently posted an update on the Flathub website’s progress, outlining the development and funding goals for 2023.

The primary objectives for the year include adding direct uploads, verified apps, and payment support to the Flathub website. Additionally, the team aims to establish an independent legal entity to own and operate Flathub, raise $250k in funding/sponsorships, and start focus groups for feedback from developers. Flathub has already secured $100k in funding for 2023 and plans to seek an additional $150k to support the next round of software development, prepare for higher operational costs, and bring in a second full-time staff member.

One of the significant changes on the horizon is the introduction of a payment mechanism to facilitate app payments and contributions. Developers devote their time and skills to creating free apps and should receive more tangible returns for their efforts. Flathub seeks to provide a sustainable economic model by establishing a foundation on which developers can flourish. However, this may require a culture shift within the open-source community, as the Ubuntu Software Center’s attempt at paid software a decade ago failed.

Flathub has made significant progress in enhancing the platform, including backend work on the new Flathub website and rebranding to become more of a store than a storefront. Verified developer support and direct uploads will enable users to receive new versions of their favorite apps faster. Flathub’s popularity has grown among developers and users alike, with Linux distributions adopting it to make app installation easier. For more information on Flathub’s plans for 2023, check out Rob McQueen’s blog post or the Flathub discourse for feedback.

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