Your /r/javascript recap for the week of November 22 – November 28

Monday, November 22 – Sunday, November 28

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422 44 comments I've made a 3D shooter in HTML without canvas. Eveything you see is just a lot of <div>'s. Started to work with this 4 years ago…I would be happy if someone check it :)
162 34 comments Using WebAssembly (created in Rust) for Fast React Components
119 69 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] Has anyone worked on implementing micro-frontends? if yes, at what scale?
117 223 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] What are the one-liners you shouldn't ever use?
94 50 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] Difference between For Loops
87 40 comments Volta vs. nvm for JavaScript tooling
79 14 comments Elementary Grid: A tonegrid synth made with Elementary Audio and React
73 58 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] How to interview front end architects?
65 17 comments v1 of Remix is officially out
58 25 comments React folder structure for enterprise level applications


Most Commented Posts

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57 25 comments ECMAScript: Top-level await
19 21 comments Accent – A Modular Web Framework
43 20 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] noob question about a specific for loop example in JS
0 19 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] how to make this js faster
40 17 comments Introduction to Lenses in JavaScript


Top Ask JS

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53 10 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] why does Date() show a day but getDay() returns an array number
11 10 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] Does "with" statement block hoisting?
5 12 comments [AskJS] [AskJS] Handling fetching images that may not exist yet?


Top Showoffs

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5 /u/j2mb1 said I just made a working terminal on my portfolio site using xterm.js, node-pty, docker, and websockets! My portfolio site is supposed to mimic a desktop environment and is very…
3 /u/jcubic said I've purchased the domain []( And added simple JavaScript REPL as a subdomain: [](…
2 /u/kaliedarik said Last week I made a CodePen demonstrating how to do an evil thing – page scrolljacking involving canvas animations and video and stuff –


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139 /u/senocular said Some differences include: ### for loops for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { // loop code } * User defined loop conditions * Allows breaking (and continuing) * Suppo…
111 /u/becauseSonance said I personally turn down all interviews that ask me to speed run a green field a web app like you describe. I’m not a junior. I have a GitHub where you can see a bunch of shit I already built. And I kno…
71 /u/kamchatka said I'd argue even with the poster above. No more than 1 ternary
56 /u/AddictedToCoding said It's all a question of context. But, say in the context of a large code base with a big team. Any one liner that: – Has more than 2 ternaries – Do more than 2 things per line – Mutates the scope out…
55 /u/ILikeChangingMyMind said Not a direct answer, but the right one: don't use `with`. Period, full stop. (This particular issue will likely be the least of your problems if you continue using it.)


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November 29, 2021
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