Why my currentQuestion(variable) not getting updated here:

  const [currentQuestion,setCurrentQuestion]=useState(0);
    console.log(currentQuestion)       //checking currentQuestion

  function func_setter(id){
       setCurrentQuestion(id);  //changing the id

   <Quiz problem={questions[currentQuestion]} function_call={()=>{func_setter()}}></Quiz>
          //function_call is a prop passed to Child Component to  change the currentQuestion upon userClick

 <Button color="success" className="centerer" onClick={(e)=>     //button is in the child Component of App.js
{props.function_call(props.problem.id)}}>Save and Next</Button>  //button to change the question

Here my Child Component isnt able to change the state of a variable present in the parent component..

Source: React – Stack Overflow

November 12, 2021
Category : News
Tags: react-component | react-props | reactjs | use-effect | use-state

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