Want to Work on Data Governance? Mozilla's Grantees are Hiring!

Mozilla’s Data Futures Lab awardees[1] are working hard to realize a future in which consumers, citizens and workers enjoy greater agency over data about them. To aid them in their efforts, two of our awardees are looking to fill roles. These roles will help design futures for a new data cooperative; make sense of data; or coordinate campaigns to fight for workers’ data rights.

Worker Info Exchange (UK) is hiring a Data Analyst and Digital Rights Campaign Coordinator

Worker Info Exchange is a nonprofit trade union for drivers whose livelihoods depend on app-based services like Uber. The organization helps gig workers access, analyze, and act on insights from their personal data collected and processed at work. In the coming months, Worker Info Exchange will recruit gig workers to join a class action, mass subject access request under Articles 15 & 22 of the GDPR in Europe — and, as a result, pave the way for a worker-led data trust.

As part of that effort Worker Info Exchange is looking to hire a Data analyst and Digital Rights Campaign Coordinator to work remotely from the UK or EU. Please find the entire job description here![2]

Consumer Reports (US) is looking for individuals or teams to help design consumer data cooperatives

Consumer Reports is a well-known advocate for transparency and truth in the consumer marketplace that leverages its research, product development, and advocacy to advance the digital rights of consumers. In the coming months, Consumer Reports will develop a tool inspired by the California Consumer Privacy Act to help local consumers easily see what data companies hold about them.

As part of this effort Consumer Reports seeks to develop 3-5 case studies or storylines that respond to the question: “Assuming consumers can compel companies to share their data with a trusted third party, what are some potential applications for consumer data cooperatives in 2030?” They are looking for proposals from individual researchers, design firms, and research groups to develop such a case study over the course of 4–8 weeks. Find out more here![3]


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  3. ^ Find out more here! (medium.com)

Source: Mozilla

February 11, 2021
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