Virtual Currency Is Here To Stay

When you think of virtual currency, you might automatically think of Bitcoin. There are many … Read more Virtual Currency Is Here To Stay

When you think of virtual currency, you might automatically think of Bitcoin. There are many more virtual currencies these days. Learn more about them from this infographic.

Virtual Currency Is Here To Stay

VIRTUAL CURRENCIES THE FUTURE OF PAYMENTS? Values via Accurate as of 10.22.14- @2.10 pm EST Virtual currencies are software-based online payment systems whose units can be transferred between digital wallets without the need for a middleman such as a financial institution. They’re quickly being adopted by consumers as well as merchants of all shapes and sizes. Around the world, governments (as well as financial institutions) are evaluating virtual currencies to determine how they can fit into current financial structures and systems. Meanwhile, technology providers have been rapidly putting together the tools to allow virtual currencies to be used for payments and other transactions. Here are some of the front runners in the industry, as well as a few other virtual currencies that might have a promising future in cyberspace: BITCOIN RIPPLE (XRP) DOGECOIN PEERCOIN (PPC) LITECOIN (BTC) (LTC) (DOGE) Created in Created in Created in Created in Created in 2009 2011 2013 2013 2012 Market $5.155,094,375 Cap $127,693,815 $127,796,394 $25,562,439 $20,549,305 $384.35 $3.86 $0.005200 $0.000270 $0.941615 Value Cryptsy CoinGifts Cryptsy Cryptsy WORDPRESS Focused on currency conversion Cheapflitom btctrip Cheapflitom BitElectronics DELL All Things Luxury reddit btctrip Internet protocol, Flying with bioi Fiying sn ein e.g., HTTP, not United Way Uses proof-of-stake system okcupid peer-to-peer Dogecoin’s founder declined a $500k 4x faster confirmation time than Bitcoin investment offer from a VC firm in Feb. 2014 GREENPEACE OTHER VIRTUAL CURRENCIES OF NOTE 3098 businesses now accept Bitcoin Covering the privacy and anonymity needs that Bitcoin cannot cover due to its transparent nature Engineered to be a digital version of cash that can be sent publicly or privately Darksend allows anyone to make anonymous transactions DARKCOIN IANIS CO Making medical marijuana sales possible Created specifically for use by marijuana retailers, merchants, and dispensaries “CannabisCoin Marijuana Cultivators” grow medical marijuana and exclusively buy and sell their strains with CannabisCoins ECOIN | MERCHANT “Uniting the world in the adoption of Bitcoin” Launches 9.30.2014 as the first virtual currency advocating the adoption of Bitcoin to the world Fostering market awareness of Bitcoin through merchant and customer incentives Virtual currency in the music industry SONGCOIN Created to allow fans, artists, and record labels to measure artist popularity in a fun and engaging way Fans can tip artists or specific songs with songcoins INVEST IN MUSIC Mazacoln “You are your own bank” Created with the goal to make Mazacoin the national currency of the Oglala Sioux tribe A digital currency requiring no central authority and founded on the belief that no one has the rights to land that others steward For the latest information on the virtual-currency marketplace please visit: Presented by: virtual currency today Sources: motherboard. Vendors and Others Accepting Currency

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