Unable to find Vuejs equivalent function for the diagram from Angular

I tried a lot but was unable to find a solution. Please help me as I am struck on this issue for more than 1 day. Any help would be really appreciated.

I have a Syncfusion application that has been developed using Angular, now I would like to convert that application into Vuejs so trying to convert it but I am facing lot of issue as I am unable to find the 1:1 mapping of the ejsdiagram methods.

In Angular I was using the following code and respective method:

<ej-diagram id="diagram" e-height="80vh" e-width="100%" e-nodeCollectionChange="nodeCollectionChange" e-connectorCollectionChange="connectorCollectionChange" e-connectorTargetChange="connectorTargetChange" e-connectorSourceChange="connectorSourceChange" e-textChange="textChange"></ej-diagram>

Now I am using something like this in Vuejs:

<div id="app">

I would like to know the Vuejs equivalent function for e-connectorCollectionChange, e-connectorTargetChange, etc, I searched a lot but could not find any documentation or maybe I missed something. Can someone please guide me through this?

Basically, I want to have something like this in my Vuejs+Syncfusion application. I have it in Angular+Syncfusion:

enter image description here

Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

October 13, 2021
Category : News
Tags: ej2-syncfusion | javascript | nuxt.js | syncfusion | Vue.js

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