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8 Machine Learning Questions on K-means to Destroy Your Interview

Read the full article here: In preparing for your next Machine Learning Interview, one of the topics you certainly need to be familiar with is K-means. This algorithm is incredibly useful for clustering data points into groups that have not been explicitly labeled! The days of Machine Learning taking over the world are well […]

How to Make Link Previews Look Nice on Twitter

Today I shared a tweet containing a link to a post on my website. I expected Twitter to do some magic and make the link preview look great as I was used to from other tweets. However, the link was displayed just as a text link. After some googling I found out that in order […]

My first 100 followers on Dev

First of all, thanks to the Dev community for giving feedback on my posts and appreciating my content. How it started I always had a thing for writing. I had been writing Medium blogs about my travel for some time now. It brings me joy to share and express myself through words. During my college, […]

Quicksort Algorithm: Explained With Diagrams and Javascript

Quicksort is a method of sorting values in a list through a repeated procedure to successive lists. In the Quicksort method, a value is chosen from the main list, and it is named the pivot value. The remaining values are divided into two lists. One list is of values that are less than or equal […]

I started to write on english, this is why

When I thought about this topic, I said to myself “Writing in English is hard, because it’s not my native language” It’s hard but is also an opportunity. I needed to start practicing my English. And guess what was the way? I said, “Ok I will start to write in English because almost every content […]

Launching SigNoz Technical Writer Program 🧑‍💻🥳

Are you a developer who loves creating content and getting it across to a global audience? We’d love to have you contribute to our community writer program. We are an open-source application performance monitoring(APM) tool and we’re early into our journey(launched last year 🤓). We are building with our community, and now we want to […]

21 Tax write offs for freelance web developers in Canada

You’ve put in hours of your time, done all the hard work — you’ve learned to code! Now you’re ready to reap the rewards and set off on your own as a freelance developer. There are major benefits to working freelance. You get to choose your working hours, clients, and your rate of pay. You […]

Conversion Rate Optimisation [🎯 EP0: Series introduction and posts for the year! 📈]

A real passion of mine that is often overlooked. People spend so much time driving visitors to their site, only to waste the opportunity with poor UX and bad site structure / design. Most of the UX stuff out there is “pretty”, but very few people who call themselves UX experts actually focus on what […]

WCAG in plain English [🦾 EP0: Series introduction and posts for the year! 🦾]

WCAG is hard to read and complicated and it puts a lot of developers off when talking about making their applications accessible. In this series I am going to try and simplify things down and offer a different approach to WCAG that is hopefully more accessible! Part of my “year of the series” This is […]

Ultimate UI [💻 EP0: Series introduction and posts for the year! 🎨]

Every day I see a new tutorial on how to build a menu system, how to build a drop down box etc. that makes me cry! Why do I cry I hear you ask? Because most of these tutorials are…well they are absolute garbage! <div> soup everywhere, no WAI-ARIA when it is needed, hard to […]

My writing stats for 2021, best time to post on DEV and plans for 2022-2023 [over 250 articles planned]

In 11 months of writing I have amassed over 250k views on DEV, not to be sniffed at…but I can do better! In this article I will share: my content stats with you for the last 11 months some analysis I did and never released on when to post on DEV and my (ambitious) content […]

Programming Takes The Pain From Writing

The tools and workflows that turn me into a word machine Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Step-by-step mini snippet to set up a blog post SEO

How to optimize a blog post Select the keyword and searcher intent you want for the page. One core keyword = One page. Google rank pages not domains. Use keywords tools: Ahrefs, KW finder, Keysearch, Keywordseverywhere. Optional: find related non-core keywords to write sub-sections. Write the content of the page without worrying about optimization. Write […]

My 2021 Unwrapped

As we step into a new year, I am here to unwrap whatever I did in the year 2021. 2021 was an year of mixed emotions for me. From anxiety, to sadness, to little happiness, to meeting new people & making new friends, to motivations & encouragements, to learning a lot. This year has been […]

2021 in review: my second year of blogging

2021 was a much more quiet year on my blog than compared to 2020. Continuing the tradition of my 2020 review post, here’s how my site has performed over this past year. My most popular posts on I published 13 posts on my website in 2021, and received 165,203 page views (according to Google […]

2021 in numbers

I posted to 968 times in 2021. sparkline That’s considerably less than 2020 or 2019. Not sure why. March was the busiest month with 118 posts. sparkline I published: 4 articles, 99 blog posts, sparkline 397 links, sparkline and 468 notes. sparkline Those notes include 170 photos sparkline and 162 replies. sparkline Elsewhere in […]

My Year 2021: From Broke to Time, Location, and Financial Freedom

The year 2021 has been a roller coaster for me. It started with being broke and disappointed to end it by making close to $1000 in a few months. It led me to gain Time, Location, and Financial Freedom. Below is how things unfolded for me this year. January: Broke and disappointed I spent the […]

The time I had night terrors about us-east-1 outages

Background I normally never write about personal things, only technical things. However this is one of those times that I feel this is too good not to write down and I need to write this all down now before I forget. As the title suggests, I just woke up in a cold sweat from an […]

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