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JavaScript ES6

JavaScript was invented by Brendan Eich in 1995, and became an ECMA standard in 1997. ECMAScript is the official name of the language. ECMAScript versions have been abbreviated to ES1, ES2, ES3, ES5, and ES6. Since 2016 new versions are named by year (ECMAScript 2016 / 2017 / 2018). Arrow Function const sum =(a,b)=> a+b […]

Data management with JSON files and PHP

Data Management with JSON files and PHP I. Introduction 1. Presentation of the problem During different searches on the internet, I realized that very little information is on the subject of reading information since a JSON file for websites. 2. Objectivity In the document you will find how to use the information correctly thanks to […]

Semicolon or No semicolon?

I have 10 years of experience being a JavaScript developer and I forget that semicolon is optional. Adding a semicolon in the end is a simple instinct for me. From my point of view, if you are using the right tools like jshint or jslint to catch the syntax errors before pushing the code to […]

Share Text Across Near 💻Devices📱 using this website 🔥

Sharing Text data across near devices has always been a headache. Some conventional methods to share text data are, Using native cross-platform applications (eg. WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.). Or, Using Email Services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) All such conventional methods needs either installation of Native Applications or Bulky Sites. Solution? TEMP-SHARE, a fast 🚀, reliable […]

10+ Best Websites To Download Free Website Templates For Developers.

People nowadays create websites on the internet to make money. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you always need the best templates for your website. You need to make your website appear professional on the internet. Thousands of different website designs are available on the internet. Many of them are free to download. You […]

How Vercel is changing the cloud game

1. What is Vercel? In all likelihood, many people know Vercel for being the creators of Next.js, a React-based Web development framework with SPA, SSG, and SSR capabilities. But frankly, after discussing what Vercel really is with my colleagues at work several times, it is way more than that: Vercel is a cloud computing provider. […]

Data Structures vs. Algorithms?

If you are a fresh or junior Software engineer, you probably heard a lot about data structures and algorithms. Everyone tells you about their importance or how valuable to learn them. You hear about them together, and sometimes you ask yourself, are they one thing, or do they most come together? So what is data […]

(web-app)Open-Source URL-Shortener built using Python.

🧨How it started. Hey there🤚. Long story short , I recently joined here and I came over a post by @liyasthomas where he created a URL-SHORTNER which is open-source. As a person learning web development I was fascinated by it. But the thing that I noticed while going through the GitHub repo was that he […]

useReducer Hook+ Context API = A Powerful React Tool

We are immensely familiar with hooks like useState, useEffect and useRef a lot which allows us to use class-based components features now in functional components. But React hooks have one more weapon in its arsenal which can be an effective tool to optimise a react application: the useReducer hook. useReducer – a redux wannabe The […]

Deep dive into React codebase [EP3: Reverse engineer the most famous React snippet]

In the previous episode we finished with the React repository setup. In today’s episode, we’ll scratch the surface of the actual source code and reverse engineer probably the most well-known React snippet. Recall What we learned in the previous episodes The React monorepo contains a lot of React-related packages, including React core, renderers, reconciler, utility […]

Best programming tools for every beginner

Hello Folks 👋 What’s up friends, this is SnowBit here. I am a young passionate and self-taught developer and have an intention to become a successful developer. Today, I am here with a cool list of tools that every newbie should use. Coding and Hosting – It is an online platform where you as […]

Adding Google Authentication Feature.

Hey everyone! In this article, we will be adding a new feature Google AUTH to our login Form. Let’s start with basics install a react app using the below commands in the terminal. npx create-react-app google_auth cd google_auth npm start Now, let’s quickly install a very popular package react-google-login to display a “Log in with […]

What is Pug HTML for beginners | All-time-dev?

What is Pug HTML for beginners | All-time-dev? Today, we are going to know about PUG which is a very important topic for you if you are a backend developer we will know the history of PUG, what is a pug and its uses what are template engines, and more. So, if you are interested […]

The Complete React Roadmap

Learning React can be confusing at first, sometimes even downright scary! This article aims to put forth a complete roadmap to learn React so that you have a clear path moving forward. Pre-requisites There are some pre-requisites to learning React, without which, you will find yourself struggling hard. So it is highly advisable to master […]

Build a Video Conference App from Scratch using WebRTC,Websocket,PHP +JS Day 16

In this video we’ll cover how to create ValidateEmail method Source: DEV Community

How We Turn This Bootstrap Based Web Into a Pixel Game-Like

Bootstrap is great for building your web. It’s simple, fast, and has great mobile support. But, making your site too “bootstrapped” is not a good thing, especially if you are a pixel game studio. Let’s take a look at this. This is our website’s old display. Looks nice and clean. But, it has one big […]

Supabase Vs Firebase Pricing and When To Use Which

Supabase Vs Firebase Pricing and When To Use Which Supabase recently appeared on the scene as an attempt to be an open source alternative to Firebase. It’s a great product and I’ve used it in many projects already. I’ve written about it here and here. The main difference between Supabase vs Firebase is that Supabase […]

How to Make NFC web app like dot.card or Tappy Card.

So I am pretty new to front end web development. My first learning project is to build a web base app like dot.card that can program NFC card and users can create a unique profile. The profile link is linked to the card (I dont know how it works but I am hoping I get […]

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