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Implement Web Loaders with React Suspense

Provide Web Loaders to your application efficiently Developers widely use web loaders in asynchronous data fetching processes. They help keep end-users engaged, and increase the user experience. React 16.6 introduced React Suspense as an experimental feature, and it has now revolutionized the web loader integration process. Presently, it is fully fine-tuned and set to be […]

Boost Performance with Web Workers: A Detailed Guide

A Step by Step Guide on How to Imitate multi-threading in JavaScript with Web Workers Photo by Victoire Joncheray JavaScript is a single-threaded language. This means that JavaScript engines (or compilers) can only execute one instruction at a time. JavaScript cannot multitask or run code in parallel, in contrast to other computer languages. From this, you […]

Authenticate Users with Passport and express-session

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about how to authenticate users with sessions.On top of express-session and passport. So before firing up, I’m hoping you all know how to set up a basic app in Express with help of middleware. If not, go and search Google for advice on how to get started with that. […]

Demystifying Call, Apply, and Bind in JavaScript

The keyword this in JavaScript can feel like a muddling concept because its value depends on where it is used. Often it tricks developers and sometimes it can be the culprit behind unexpected results. Let’s discuss this this keyword with simple and easy to understand examples before actually delving into the call, apply, and bind […]

Create Real-Time Visualizations with React and D3.js

Introduction In this blog post, you will learn how to create a React app and WebSocket that connects to the Flask server, and visualizes streaming data in real-time using D3.js. I decided to write this blog post as a part of my learning path, and I hope to help anyone struggling with the same problems while […]

How To Render Your Lists Faster With React Virtualization

Virtualization in React. Illustration by the author. What is virtualization? Imagine you want to render a massive list of tweets generated every minute. You fetch an enormous amount of data(probably in JSON) and add it to the DOM using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We might be unable to see all tweets in under a minute before […]

Good API design, bad API design

Principals and rules of modern REST API design Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash Usually, updating or developing an API of some service, there are a long discussions on the structure of he API, naming and functions. Although, through the years there are created certain rules, that can be applied to the process and help getting to […]

Google Analytics Custom Event Tracking in React

Analytics can be challenging in single-page apps like React. This tutorial outlines global tracking and custom event implement. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Ultimate Guide to CSS Positioning

Learn more than just centering a div The CSS position property is one an awesome property in CSS. It helps to create new design possibilities, but can be difficult to understand. After reading this, you will be capable of using position property and have a good insight about the same. photo by sam on position: static […]

The Challenges of Building on Web3

Web3 is a new and developing world for the decentralized internet. It is an infantile space, with not as strong an infrastructure as its Web2 predecessor. The developer experience for Web3 is rife with inconveniences, including bloatedness, lack of protocol standardization, limited support for other platforms, and many more. These issues aren’t really vocalized beyond the […]

When Using useMemo is A Really Bad Idea

useMemo without a doubt is a handy utility that can improve an application’s performance. However, in my daily work I have noticed that some engineers tend to use it in every possible situation so I set out on a mission to investigate when using useMemo is not such a good idea. And here are my […]

TypeScript: Enhance Variable Types with Declaration Merging

This story is about an often applied technique by libraries that offer full TypeScript support. Although as a consumer of these things… Continue reading on Bits and Pieces » Source: Bits and Pieces

Create Dynamic Form Fields in React

A few days ago I needed to implement dynamic form fields for a project in React. I thought it would be good to make a quick tutorial on this, so here it is! Let’s say we are building a sports website and a user can create a team. Now to create a team, users can add/delete players […]

Top VS Code Extensions for Web Development

Must-have VS Code Extensions that all Web Developers should have installed Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash 1. Live Server Launch a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages. A Quick Development Live Server with live browser reload. Start or Stop the server with a single click from the status bar. Live Reload of Your […]

Defensive & offensive programming

Defensive programming is a term that many programmers have heard of. It’s related to error handling and having correct programs. For some programs, defensive programming is essential. For others, it may be useful to use here and there. Along with that, there’s also offensive programming. In this article, we’ll start by examining “normal programming”. We’ll […]

How I got my first freelancing project!

Struggling to get your first freelancing project? Note: This post is especially for beginners who are struggling to earn their first dollar as a freelancer. Things To Be Taken Care of Before Entering Into Freelancing World Default requirement as always: Be focused and achieve good knowledge about what you are going to deliver to the […]

35 Website Cheat Sheets For Developers

What Is Cheat Sheet? With the rapid development of technologies in web programming, the amount of knowledge we have to learn is increasing. And sometimes you will not be able to remember all the syntax, methods … of a programming language or framework. So cheat sheet was born to solve the above problem. It will synthesize all […]

How to Traverse your Terminal for Windows/MAC

This is my first post and I’ve decided that with every post I will provide you with a tl;dr so that you can get what you need and you can stay and learn more if you want. The five commands you need to use in your terminal and become a better software engineer/developer are: cd directory-name […]

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