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New frameworks, old traditions

Do you know of the red car syndrome? When we learn and start using a new language, or especially a framework, we tend to see how some people do something. But my point is not that after start learning something you start seeing everywhere and all the people using it… but that people will follow […]

How 1.5 years of writing posts on made me a better developer βœοΈβ†”οΈπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»πŸš€

I’ve been here for a while now. I love the community, the people are amazing and I learned so much while reading the amazing articles the authors on here have to offer. I also write articles every other week (shocking news, I know) and today I want to get a bit more meta about it. […]

Hashnode is taking over the world

And it’s not a bad thing! Hashnode for those who don’t know, it is a blogging platform for technical articles. Since the early days, I’ve been a member, and it has grown massively since then. Recently one of the founders shared these impressive statistics on Twitter: Syed Fazle Rahman @fazlerocks Thrilled to share some @hashnode […]

Virtual and Actual Events 2022

Events to look forward to in 2022, just a small and subjective selection from the perspective of a European web developer focused on front-end development, accessibility, and sustainability. This is a repost, you can read the same content in my blog “Open Mind Culture” which used to feature less technological topics, but somehow I want […]

Obsidian: trouble in paradise

Not to long ago, I made this post soliciting recommendations for note taking apps and y’all came through! My top 3, recommended by the lovely people below were: RemNote by @dgeisz by @terabytetiger Bear by @jackkeller note: I should prob mention that Bear is only for Apple devices, my work is 99.99% in a […]

I built an analytics package

Today, I launched logmyapp-analytics an intuitive but small npm package. With this new package you have the ability to log page_view and click. Meaning whenever someone clicks on a button on your site you can view that in your dashboard at here and see it in real-time when someone views a page or clicks a […]

What to ask at job interviews when you are being interviewed

There are many guides on how to ace job interviews, you’ll find books, videos, courses on multiple subjects covering every aspect possible, including even prep that is just for specific companies (like checking questions Facebook is currently asking), but we talk very little on how you should also interview the people you’re talking to make […]

I Was Betrayed By Computer Science Students

Convenience, she never guaranteed to make life better. It may seem so, but it is not real. Another day, I have called by a lecturer of mine from the last two semesters. It was not a direct call, but rather someone had came to me for saying that. I believed on her, for my lecture […]

Which VS Code shortcut do you use the most?

If VS Code is your primary editor, what’s the shortcut you use most frequently? Do you have another shortcut you use less frequently, but you enjoy using it a lot? Source: DEV Community

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig

During the last couple of years, I started to attend and present at more and more C++ conferences. Inevitably, I ended up listening to Phil Nash several times and he almost always spoke about something closely related to software quality. In these talks, he often mentioned Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which sometimes […]

What is in your bag?

As a new year article, I decided to write up some words about what are the daily drivers I have in my bag. Bag I use a top-loaded HP bag for 15-inch laptops. My 17 inch Mac Book fits it well and it’s pretty nice. But nothing special. Laptops I have multiple laptops. For my […]

I received a letter from myself

And to be precise, from my past self. I wrote this letter precisely a year ago, as a gift to myself. And boy, oh boy, it defiantly put a smile on my face. There were some things I could not have envisioned and some things I was absolutely right about. Reflection time Let’s go through […]

5 reasons why I love coding challenges

Unfortunately the DevAdventCalendar challenge by Marc Backes came to an end. I loved every day of this challenge and participated in all of them. In this closing article about this series, I’ll give you my 5 reasons for loving these coding challenges. And hopefully, even spark you to try them out! 1. Learn by doing […]

Resources to Kickstart Your Newsletter

Introduction I have been writing and sending newsletters to subscribers for the last 6 months. I learned much more about managing a Developer centric Newsletter though out the journey. During this period, I use many tools to help me with writing, designing, sending newsletters to the subscribers. Today, I will share some of the tools […]

People disable javascript in their browser? 😱 Give 'em something to cry about!

Did you know that two percent of people that use the internet disable javascript in their browser? That’s a surprising amount. Guess what? If you’re a web developer using react, jquery, or some other js lib, it’s gonna go haywire on them. Pitiful, eh? It won’t even run! If you are using react on the […]

How I spend my 19% free time

What a year, it’s been one of those that seemed to only take a month. But yet, so much has happened in that short amount of time. Thinking about a year, it’s only 365 days. There are 8760 hours in the year. Let’s break that down for a second Sleep: 3.285 hours (avg 9 hours […]

My 2021 Review: The Growing Pains

Hello Everyone πŸ‘‹, We will leave 2021 in a few more hours. Is it just me? I feel like 2021 is much shorter than the previous years. How time flies! I participated in Polywork’s #My2021Highlights and created My 2021 Highlights collection. And that’s when I realize (again) how I grow so much within 1 year! […]

Remote pair programming – What are YOUR best practices? πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»

The certain situation the world has been in for the past almost two years has affected a lot of us devs all around the globe. This hasn’t stopped us from delivering amazing software and do good deeds though – Au contraire! Think of global remote hackathons, local efforts to create services that help people in […]

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