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How to create a beautiful hover effect on a card in Flutter

In this tutorial, I will create a hover effect on a card to make it look better. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

How to solve the problem that the message cannot be used when the element-plus is introduced locally?

Recently I am trying to write element-plus casually, so I did not configure the Node environment and build the vue scaffolding. It was referenced locally through the way of cdn file download. All aspects of the components can be used normally, but I am trying to write the message prompt box js The components don’t […]

Front-End Development Trends For 2022

The Front-end handles the presentation of a website for end users while a backend handles the relations and connections of servers and features with databases. Read All Source: Hacker Noon – JavaScript

Trouble while using .svg file in React.js code

I am trying to use illustration in my react project ( [illustration image which I trying to use in my code I choose SVG and CSS I got long coded .svg file, Can anyone help me, how can I use that file of SVG in my react code .svg file which I trying to […]

Explanation: Get previous state

I’m reading the React Documentation and there is a topic that I didn’t understand very well: function Counter() { const [count, setCount] = useState(0); const prevCountRef = useRef(); useEffect(() => { prevCountRef.current = count; }); const prevCount = prevCountRef.current; return <h1>Now: {count}, before: {prevCount}</h1>; } Demo:–hook-faq-w0f3k?file=/src/App.js I’d like a better explanation about this. […]

Dynamic pagination for Bootstrap vue table

I need to dynamically populate a bootstrap vue table with pagination. The API only returns 10 objects per call, and for each subsequent page the id of the last object has to be passed as a query parameter to get the next 10 records. For Eg: If the last id in the first GET call […]

create-react-app MaterialUI Error: Invalid hook call

I want to do Create-react-app and use Material UI, but I get a Hooks Error. Am I missing something else? This is an error statement. Error: Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside of the body of a function component. This could happen for one of the following reasons: You might have mismatching […]

Flutter can’t load model-viewer

I have a problem loadng a model-viewer Screen. It shouldn’t be trivial. This is my main.dart , and I try to load InfoPage(); import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/info_page.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/monument_list.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/home_page.dart’; void main() { runApp(const MyApp()); } class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { const MyApp({Key? key}) : super(key: key); // This widget is the root of […]

button is not taking any filter in first click, in second it is working

I am calling API and loading data into table when pages gets loaded using useEffect(). but once page gets loaded user can resubmit by clicking button by using some filter. the problem is user need to click twice then only filter is working. I am using formik to create the form and button. const [response, […]

Material UI, textfield loses focuses only when ‘a’ or ‘s’ is pressed

I’m really confused on what’s going on with my code. I have a Menu, that has list of avatars, and then another button in list. The last button, is another menu, that pops up a TextField. For some reason in the Textfield, Ever keystroke is recorded in the input, except when I hit ‘a’. It […]

disabling button on specific condition on r

I am using below code for pagination. <ul className="pagination"> <li className="page-item"> <button className="page-link btn btn-success btn-block" onClick={prev} >Previous</button> </li> <li className="page-item"> <button className="page-link btn btn-success btn-block " onClick={next}>Next</button> </li> </ul> const next = () => { if (page <= lastPage) { setPage(page + 1); } } const prev = () => { if (page > […] is not a function in reactjs

Hi I am calling an API using axios. it is returning data. that data I am using to populate a table. but it is giving error. const [response, setResponse] = useState([]); const [flag, setFlag] = useState(false); await axios.get(`http://localhost:3000/api/certificates?page=${page}`,{ params: param, }).then(res=>{ console.log(; setResponse(; setFlag(true); }) then I am using response into table to populate data. […]

Html / CSS / JavaScript Automatic format divs with a ratio into another div

I want to make an interface with a container where the user choose a number of squares to showing in. The squares have to use the maximum of space, with a minimum lost. So, the width of a square have must to be calculated from the container’s width and height. Starting with this problem, I […]

How to blend two shapes into a particular color in css

click to view the output of given code and expected outputhere’s the code, i want to change the blend int black color or any other particular color of my choice how to do it using blend. with css. <div id="c"></div> <div id="t"></div> <style> body { display:grid; place-items:center; height:100vh; width: 100vw; margin:0; padding:0; background: #191919; } […]

passing parameter to another component using Link in react

I know if I need to call another component then we need to pass like <A x={y}/> and we can access props.x inside A. But here I need to call EditCertificate so I need to pass id to EditCertificate. but I am using Link here. I am not able to pass the id. when I […]

How to Implement a UI Widget in React?

I’m looking to implement this in my React application but I’m not sure how to go about this. I’m using Ant Design’s tab widget inside a card however the layout looks a bit off Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

Rounded Corners Over Sharp Corners

Why rounded corners are trending Have you noticed that most popular products like Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify use Rounded/Curved Corners in their UIs more often? Even though using Sharp Corners for UIs and products is an industry-standard, Curved Corners are gradually becoming a trend. Let’s understand why Curved Corners are more attractive than Sharp Corners and when […]

Deliberately setting an invalid css property

I would like to deliberately set an scss variable with a string as a property value which will be read as invalid and therefore will have no effect on my ui. E.g. $invalid: "thiswontwork"; .my-element { background: $invalid; } This value will just be considered as invalid and ignored. I know that my variable would […]

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