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Setting up a basic TypeORM starter

In this article, we’ll be setting up a basic TypeORM started. I want to have this starter in my toolkit to showcase a conversion to Prisma later on. Note: You will be able to use this article to set up a node application powered by TypeORM. For those who don’t know TypeORM yet, it is […]

Using Apache ECharts with React and TypeScript: Optimizing Bundle Size

In our first article on this topic, Using Apache ECharts with React and TypeScript, we received a valuable insight from one of our readers. They suggested looking into Use Apache ECharts with bundler and NPM in order to minimize your bundle size. Now, who doesn’t want that!? We tried out the approach and integrated it […]

TypeScript, Part 3: Working with Custom Types

This article is part of a series on TypeScript: Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

From vue-class-component to Composition API

Vue 3 is on the market for a while now. Time to ditch your Vue 2 class components and go for the all new Composition API. Here is how. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

How to Setup Next App, and MUI5 with Typescript

Introduction Next.js is a JavaScript open-source framework built on top of Node.js that enables you to build superfast and extremely user-friendly static websites, as well as web applications using React. React documentation mentions Next.js among “Recommended Toolchains” advising it to developers as a solution when “building a server-rendered website with Node.js. Material UI is an […]

How to implement using Typescript

Typescript, according to its own website, is a “strongly typed programming language that builds on Javascript”. It can be seen as a superset of solutions and resources that makes Javascript more reliable. Socket.IO is a “library that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between browser and the server”. It makes it easier to construct websocket-based […]

Component-First State Management for Angular Standalone Components

Introduction In 2021, Angular announced an RFC (Request For Comments) for Standalone Components. Optional NgModules have been a frequent ask from the framework’s community since their introduction in Angular 2-rc.5. Standalone Components (and Directives and Pipes) are Angular’s answer to this request. It paves the way for our Angular apps to be built purely with […]

Global error page in Angular

This is a relatively small and simple article, but I felt it is still worth posting because of the utility of the topic. anirbmuk / angular-error-handler Angular 12 application to demonstrate global error handling against a REST-based backend Any front-end application is all about serving data from a store, using end-points (REST/GraphQL or whichever you […]

How Angular Application Starts – Behind The $cene story!

Today we will learn the application flow in Angular. What happens when the application starts. It would be a theory but again an important one if you want to master Angular. 1️⃣ angular.json When you open up your angular project you might have noticed a file sitting at the project root – angular.json It is […]

Freelancing For The Summer

I’m graduating high school this summer, and I’m not sure any of the places I’ve applied to for internships will even reply 😅 Does anyone have any expreience with freelance work on Fiverr or similar platforms? What jobs did you offer? What did your page look like and what specifically do you think landed you […]

TypeScript Tips and Tricks

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. It’s like JavaScript, but with superpowers. Vanilla JavaScript is a dynamically typed language. For example, if you assign a number type to a variable, then assign a string to that same variable further in the code, JavaScript compiles just fine. You’ll only get an error when something breaks in […]

Who is using Nx?

I’m using Nx with React and Nest to build an application for work, and I love it. Are you doing anything interesting with Nx? Source: DEV Community

JavaScript factory functions and Object.create()

Do you know JavaScript factory function and its issues, and why we use Object.create() method instead? Hello 🖐, Factory functions in JS are any function that return an object. like this one: function createPerson(firstName, lastName) { return { firstName: firstName, lastName: lastName, getFullName() { return firstName + ‘ ‘ + lastName; } } } const […]

How To Convert a Lambda to a Step Function

I attended AWS re:Invent 2021 in-person and one of my big takeaways was the focus on AWS Step Functions. With the late September announcement that Step Functions now support 200+ AWS Services I could see why. So, what does that look like? Check Out the Code In this post I’ll convert a Lambda to a […]

Next.JS + MUI v5 + TypeScript + Scss + Storybook Starter 📕

Lately, I was building a Next.js, MUI v5, TypeScript, Scss and Storybook for projects. I wanted to have a modern starter repository to speed up my development. A new boiler plate for Next.js with type checking (TypeScript), configured linter (ESlint), configured code formatter (Prettier), Sass / Scss for CSS framework with Material UI v5 theming, […]

Creating Custom Module in Angular

Today we will learn how to create our own Angular Module. If you are not aware of Angular Modules I would recommend you to go through this post In order to create a module we will be using the below CLI command ng generate module <module_name> or the shorthand ng g m <module_name> Lets open […]

It's Prisma Time – Pagination

Hi Guys 👋 Today we are going to see how to paginate our results. So don’t waste time and let’s go! With Prisma there are two ways to paginate results: Offset pagination or Cursor-based pagination. What are the differences though? The first one is used when we need to create a sequence of pages and […]

Charicrux | Unveiling Crypto Fundraising | MERN Application.

Overview of Charicrux’s Submission Our application provides organizations such as non-profits to create their custom ERC-20 token on the ethereum blockchain, while simultaneously allowing users to invest in organization crypto tokens and donating a margin of their profits to various fundraisers setup by organizations. To bring this idea to life, we chose many technologies, including […]

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