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How to Host a Site With a Subdomain on GitHub Pages

Subdomain Background Have you ever noticed some websites,, or have extra text at the front? The first bit of all of these is called a subdomain. Subdomains are domains that are a part of other domain names. They can be helpful ways of organizing sites and are easier to remember for users. […]

Installing Laravel Breeze and a Quick Walkthrough

Hello Everyone 👋 In this article, I’m going to install Laravel Breeze and take you in a very quick tour. Laravel Breeze is a very simple implementation of all of Laravel’s authentication features, including login, registration, password reset, email verification, and password confirmation. Laravel Breeze’s default view layer is made up of simple Blade templates […]

Step Functions for making your text based images searchable

AWS Step Functions helps with workflow orchestration with low-code and visual editor available on the AWS web-console. Step Functions had an important announcement which allowed 200+ AWS Services to be integrated with AWS SDK, you can read about the announcement. In this blog-post we will look into two such SDK integrations with Step Functions – […]

PHP crash course : Conditionals, Loops and Functions

Today you will learn conditionals, loops and functions création in PHP. This PHP crash course is free and will be posted here on I’ll be releasing a new article/post every two days or so. To not miss anything, you can follow me on twitter: Follow @EricTheCoder_ Conditional execution In PHP, it is possible to […]

Data management with JSON files and PHP

Data Management with JSON files and PHP I. Introduction 1. Presentation of the problem During different searches on the internet, I realized that very little information is on the subject of reading information since a JSON file for websites. 2. Objectivity In the document you will find how to use the information correctly thanks to […]

watch anime from the command line

do you watch anime? if yes Highfive! me too. Today I will show you how can you watch anime from the command line! not only watch but search & download Even in android & mac? heck yeah! Dependencies:: Essential grep sed curl openssl jq Optional mpv – The default video player (recommended) aria2 – For […]

Deep dive into React codebase [EP3: Reverse engineer the most famous React snippet]

In the previous episode we finished with the React repository setup. In today’s episode, we’ll scratch the surface of the actual source code and reverse engineer probably the most well-known React snippet. Recall What we learned in the previous episodes The React monorepo contains a lot of React-related packages, including React core, renderers, reconciler, utility […]

Build a Video Conference App from Scratch using WebRTC,Websocket,PHP +JS Day 16

In this video we’ll cover how to create ValidateEmail method Source: DEV Community

Notification Panel

In this article, we are going to build a notification panel style with CSS and will toggle the button with JS. It’s very simple to do, just follow the below code. Preview Requirements- To get all the icons you can Sign Up to the FontAwesome. It has various types of icons that are free to […]

TypeORM Tips (Part 2: Use where() with care)

Hey everyone! This is the second post in my series on tips while developing with TypeORM, a popular typescript ORM library. In this post I will remark on a common pitfall when using the where() method in the library. Use where() with care TypeORM’s QueryBuilder provides a where() method to add SQL WHERE clauses in […]

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Cheat Sheet

Written with the collaborative effort of Rishita Shaw and Kumar Rahul. This a cheat sheet for Microsoft Certified Exam DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals. This is not enough for preparation but it’s definitely enough for revision. Module 1(Explore core data concepts) Data Structured: relational databases (stored in SQL Server or Azure SQL Database) Unstructured: audio […]

The Error «A Disk Read Error Occurred» or «BOOTMGR is Missing» – How to Fix

While working with the computer, you must have seen a number of errors, and one of them can be A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart or BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. Read this article on the causes behind these errors and how […]

How to build a REST API using NodeJS

👋 Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long since I posted a new blog 😅. 👀 So in this blog post we are doing to build a REST API that would serve as a source of motivation for developers using NodeJS and MongoDB. So let’s get started 🏄‍♂️ What’s an API? 🤔 API stands […]

7 Killer JavaScript One-Liners that you must know

1. Generate Random String if you will ever need a temporary unique id for something. this one-liner will generate a random string for you const randomString = Math.random().toString(36).slice(2); console.log(randomString); //output- r0zf1xfqcr (the string will be random ) 2. Extract Domain Name From An Email you can use the substring() method to extract the domain name […]

Optimizing TypeORM: Tips from Experience! (Part 1: Don't use save())

Introduction to the series As of January 21st 2022 (source), TypeORM is the 3rd most popular Javascript ORM library and certainly the most popular if we’re talking about Typescript. I have been extensively working with this library for the past two years, using it to serve millions of database queries every single day. In this […]

How to Protect Your NextJS Website from Clickjacking?

Hey Guys 👋 In this blog, I will be discussing how to protect the NextJS website from Clickjacking vulnerability using X-Frame-Options or Content-Security-Policy. Introduction Clickjacking is one of the most common vulnerabilities, which occurs when a web browser allows HTML content from one domain, to be displayed inside a framed page from another domain. Clickjacking […]

Build a Video Conference App from Scratch using WebRTC,Websocket,PHP +JS Day 15

In this video we’ll cover how to create ValidateUsername method Source: DEV Community

Create A React Router App in 5 Minutes

    Have you ever created a React app and wondered what it would take to add routes? Have, let’s say, a seperate page for your posts and pictures? Routes are a basic concept in web development and are necessary for any web development framework, frontend or backend. This is especially essential for RESTful APIs that take […]

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