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Getting parent recursion is not working properly

I have an infinite tree: const Data = [ { id: ‘1’, name: ‘hello’, children: [ { id: ‘2’, name: ‘world’, children: [ { id: ‘3’, name: ‘world’, children: [], }, { id: ‘4’, name: ‘world’, children: [], }, ], }, { id: ‘5’, name: ‘world’, children: [], }, ], }, ]; What I want […]

How to check parent access in an array tree?

I have an infinite array tree: type Test = { id: string; hasAccess: Boolean; access: ‘None’ | ‘View’; children: Test[]; }; const Data: Test[] = [ { id: ‘1’, access: ‘View’, children: [ { id: ‘2.1’, access: ‘None’, children: [ { id: ‘3.1’, access: ‘None’, children: [ { id: ‘4.1’, access: ‘None’, children: [] }, […]

How to do recursive tree array function?

I have an infinitely deep folders tree-array. Each folder have a "hasPermission" boolean. What I want to achieve is when a parent folder’s (that can be located anywhere in the tree) "hasPermission" changes, all it’s children "hasPermission" will also change – of course, the grandparent folders "hasPermission" will not change. This function changes the "hasPermission" […]

Vuetify treeview detect when click or select on selectable item

I have a selectable Vuetify treeview <v-treeview :load-children="fetchUsers" :items="user_tree_list" :open.sync="user_tree_open" :active="activeUserUidArray" class="user-tree-user" transition multiple-active selected-color="#060080" color="#07b53b" selectable hoverable dense open-on-click activatable item-children="children" item-key="uid" item-text="name" indeterminate-icon="mdi-chevron-right-box" @input="handleTreeSelection" v-on:update:active="user_tree_active_method" > I want to programmatically detect when user clicks on the arrow or the select box. After checking their document, I couldn’t find any approachable solution. Please help […]

ScrollBar and Tree

I am working on a JavaFX application and I am having troubles with a ScrollBar. I want to show a TreeView on an AnchorPane but I want to customize TreeView’s scroll bar (vertical and horizontal). So I want to remove decrement-button and increment-button, and change track’s and thumb’s color. Here is my CSS file .scroll-bar […]

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