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Headphone responsive landing page with HTML CSS

This is my 1st website of the “10 responsive websites with HTML CSS” challenge. This challenge is inspired by the florin pops “10 websites with HTML CSS” challenge which is currently published on YouTube. Headphone – Single Product Shop HTML CSS Theme is an elegantly designed and versatile Product theme that gives you smartly optimized […]

I Was Betrayed By Computer Science Students

Convenience, she never guaranteed to make life better. It may seem so, but it is not real. Another day, I have called by a lecturer of mine from the last two semesters. It was not a direct call, but rather someone had came to me for saying that. I believed on her, for my lecture […]

A CSS Container Queries Example

CSS container queries are similar to media queries, but related to a container element size rather than the viewport size. While adaptive layouts often set breakpoints based on the viewport using media queries, we can use container queries to achieve a similar effect when creating modular components in a design system. But can we use […]

JPA One To Many example with Hibernate and Spring Boot

In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement Spring JPA One-To-Many mapping with Hibernate in a Spring Boot CRUD example using @ManyToOne annotation. You’ll know: How to configure Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate to work with Database How to define Data Models and Repository interfaces for JPA One-To-Many relationship Way to use Spring JPA […]

Is Matrix ready to compete in today's messenger apps?

What is Matrix? In order to get an understanding of what Matrix really is, it’s the best to check it out directly from the official documentation. However, to put it in layman’s terms, Matrix lets you choose the (public)server that you want to use it on. It even allows you to host and use it […]

Claymorphism on 2022🎁 (CSS only)

Hey There, Hope this new year✨ give you a fabulous moments. There are some trends for every year like Skeuomorphism ➡️ Neumorphism ➡️Glassmorphism ➡️Now, The brand new trend is Claymorphism🎉. Due to accessibility issues, Some trends can’t be hero of the year in real-time😥. Uh, Don’t worry guys Claymorphism didn’t make any accessibility issues. Why […]

Mastering on flex-basis behaviour

Hey Gang, Feel lucky to see you again. when start to learning on flexbox, feel like the least well-explained property in Flexbox tutorials. start to getting confused😥 like what exactly flex-basis behavior?? what’s the difference between width and flex-basis?? etc., Uh, increase our frustartion rate right. After reading lots of blog and did some exprimentation. […]

My first impressions with pyenv

pyenv provides an easy way to install almost any version of python from a large list of distributions. I have simply been using the version of python from the os package manager for awhile, but recently I bumped my home system to Ubuntu 21.10 impish, and it is only 3.9+ while the libraries I needed […]

Aspect Ratio: no need for Container Units!

When I first heard about container queries, I was mistaken that there would be “container units” in CSS, probably a unit like percent, but relative to the other axis. “100cw” would always be 100% of the container width, even if used insight a height property. Trying to make Sense of a Misconception 🤔🤓🤣 I tried […]

Serve html from your command line

When I first moved to vim from and ide like vscode or sublime text one of my very first issues was trying to preview my website at localhost:8000. There had always just been a button there to do it in all of my other editors, not vim. There are not many buttons for anything in […]

Understanding of CSS BEM

Hey Gang, Feel lucky to see you again. Every year design trends getting changed and then we plan to adapt our websites for trendy and present day feel. Sadly, website may sometimes styled without any structure or naming conventions. This leads to an unmaintainable CSS codebase and crack out our plans😥😥 be like. Uh, feel […]

The Chronicles of a Rookie Developer: JavaScript Insights

Pretext After building out my first-ever vanilla JS + Rails API application, I thought back on the experience and skimmed through my code to gather ideas on what I could blog about. The truth is, there were many bits and pieces that I learned but I didn’t feel like I knew nearly enough about each […]

12 Types of Advanced CSS Selectors!! | (Part-2🎉)

Hey Gang, Feel well-timed to see you again in part-2😍. Hope you grasped plenty of brand new concepts in part-1. This part-2 completely concerning 7 Type Of Attribute Selector!!. If you not noticed the part-1, don’t worry just relax explore the part-2 then move to Part-1 and I’m not rush you which is completely based […]

Minimum Marketable Feature in Agile – What is it?

What is ‘Minimum Marketable Feature’? Minimum marketable feature (MMF) is a small feature which is delivered fast and gives significant value to the user. The term, MMF, isn’t very widely used. However, the first agile principle and the MMF are in alignment. The first agile principle states that the highest priority of the agile team […]

The Serendipity of Pairing with a New Developer

Learning as I Watch Others Navigate Their Toolbox Earlier this week, Dwight joined the Forem team. Friday we paired on scoping a problem. While Dwight drove, I helped navigate. As he was typing in his terminal, I noticed an interesting feature. With a blank input prompt a drop-down appearred and he’d select a command from […]

tldr: Remember your commands

What is tldr? tldr is an open-source command line tool distributed both via npm and pip3 that lets you easily look up common use cases for various commands. Have you ever been in the position where you: Forgot how to use the tar command? Forgot how to open an ssh tunnel? Forgot how git rebase […]

12 Types of Advanced CSS Selectors!! | (Part-1)

Hey Gang, Really glad to see your Curiosity about learning of advanced concept. So, I’m care to save your time and get this show on the road🎉. Don’t worry, Today i didn’t explain about common CSS selectors like class, id, Element. Start to exploring about > Descendant children + Adjacent sibling ~ General Sibling * […]

Tutorial: How to reverse a linked list in C++

Knowing how to work with the C++ programming language makes you a competitive candidate for various roles. As you break into new roles, you’ll advance through interviews that test your understanding of computer science fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms. A linked list is just one of many C++ data structures you need to […]

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