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Server / client app with webpack +

I’m working on an app that has frontend communicating with backend via Right now I have them in two separate apps like this: . ├──client │ ├──src │ │ └──index.js │ ├──public │ │ └──index.html │ ├──webpack.config.js │ └──package.json └──server ├──app.js └──package.json ./server/app.js goes like this const Express = require(‘express’)(); const server = require(‘http’).Server(Express); […]

Using Web Serial with ReactJS

I am having a random set of data bits that I need to write to a serial port using a React app. When implementing using vanilla javascript the script is able to write to the esp module using serialport but when implementing the same in reactjs it doesn’t work. Do I need to use a […]

Socketio, how to get list of rooms that a user join

I’m using on node.js. How to get a list of room that a particular socket has joined? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Frontend stops responding, when using WebSockets with RabbitMQ turned off

I have frontend on VueJS and backend on Django. Some functions are using sockets to contact with backend using RabbitMQ. Example: this.healthCheckWs = new WebSocket(`${wsProtocol}://${host}/health_check_bo/?token=${this.$auth.getToken(‘local’)}`); this.healthCheckWs.onclose = async function(event) { setTimeout(() => { this.connectsCheckHealthWs(); }, 5000); }.bind(this); But if RabbitMQ will be off and you try to use this, website freezes. I can’t do anything. […]

Creating a Simple TCP Message Protocol

Building a message protocol on top of TCP to avoid some of the issues of a raw TCP connection Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

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