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Working with an Amazon SES account

Why would you need an email service though? Well, with many hosting providers, sending a lot of emails (perhaps you have a great deal of customers using your web shop) can be an issue as hosts tend to have limitations. The standard alternative is to use Gmail to send emails, however, that has limitations as […]

How to send e-mail using Python

So, Have you guys ever wondered how do companies like Amazon, Walmart, eBay send emails to your inbox immediately after your purchase. Do you think it’s an email sent by an human. I know most of you must have guessed it’s an Automated E-mail but how do they do that? In order to solve the […]

How do E-mails go From Your Computer to an Inbox

Sending a message on Twitter is easy, Emails are not! Let’s now see how emails reach an inbox. Read All Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

Go Smtp ve RabbitMQ ile Email servisi

Selamlar Ben Tayfur Kaya yeni Golang öğreniyorum ve size öğrenirken yaşadığım zorlukları ve avantajları bu projede göstermek istiyorum. Bugün go dili ile yazmış olduğum basit bir email service inceleyeceğiz. kullandığım teknolojiler RabbitMQ, Smtp, fiber ve Gorm Github Reposuna gitmek istiyorsanız Github Stmp Golang ile basit bir sekilde gönderici olan mail adresine giriş yaparak istediğimiz email […]

How to send an email in html file by using javascript?

I am developing one page which contains css ,javascript inside that page ,in that page i am writing some button which is responsible to send email for that i write a code ,it’s not working it’s throwing an following error The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server […]

Setting nodemailer from address using request data

When nodemailer sends out an email from a contact form, it goes to an admin, who then responds to the email address found in I’d like to set the reply-to address as this value, so that the admin can simply hit reply to send a reply with the message data, without having to copy […]

why nodemailer giving error here || UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning || No recipients defined

i am new to js and development, making node mailer to send email after pushing payloads to db. Error (node:8244) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error [ERR_HTTP_HEADERS_SENT]: Cannot set headers after they are sent to the client Error: No recipients defined My post controller for crating product const mailer = require("../config/nodemailer"); module.exports.create = async (req, res) => { try […]

Six New SMTP Services That Are Better Than Sendgrid

Emails are a crucial norm of communication between users and your websites. And everyone wants to send and delivered emails correctly to the inbox of its users. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

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