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Working with an Amazon SES account

Why would you need an email service though? Well, with many hosting providers, sending a lot of emails (perhaps you have a great deal of customers using your web shop) can be an issue as hosts tend to have limitations. The standard alternative is to use Gmail to send emails, however, that has limitations as […]

Configuring inbound rules on SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) not only addresses the use-case of outbound emails to users but also have inbound emails where you can receive emails from a designated recipient. To get started with SES, you can refer to my recent post. Amazon SES and everything to set it up Jones Zachariah Noel for AWS Community […]

Amazon SES and everything to set it up

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a AWS provisioned Email service which is available for cloud native applications to integrate and implementing use-cases which requires email messages to be sent. Key takeaways from the blog – Features of SES Common use-cases with SES Setting up SES on your AWS Account Working with SES Features of […]

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