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Why you shouldn’t use Sass

.. or any other CSS preprocessor at all. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

A Practical Tip For Using Sass Default Parameters

Sass offers functions and mixins that accept parameters. You can use Sass default parameters, that is, parameters that have a value even if you don’t provide them when the function or mixin is called. Let’s focus on mixins here. Here’s the syntax of a mixin: @mixin foo($a, $b, $c) { // I can use $a, […]

Extract colors from a website URL and generate a CSS/Sass code palette

We made a web-based tool giving you the ability to extract colors from a website URL or an existing CSS code, regroup/order colors, then generate a palette including a CSS/Sass file. A simple and handy tool to build your next project’s colors, get inspiration, and examine your website’s color palette. Tool Description It’s a […]

Solved: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'sass-loader'

I have been struggling with this problem a few minutes ago when I was trying to install node-sass and sass-loader in my Vuejs project. I used this command : npm i –save-dev node-sass sass-loader Output: Could not resolve dependency: npm ERR! dev [email protected]”*” from the root project npm ERR! With some sort of: npm ERR! […]

grid-template-area not placing elements in the expected positions

I’ve checked multiple times I swear I have the same amount of columns in every row. I’ve also check that every grid-are corresponds to its due position but I still get some pretty weird extra cells. html: <main> <div class="calculator"> <div class="calculator-screen">0</div> <div class="calculator-delete">C</div> <div class="calculator-percent">%</div> <div class="calculator-negative">+/-</div> <div class="calculator-division">/</div> <div class="calculator-7">7</div> <div class="calculator-8">8</div> <div […]

Primeng doesn’t show the icons

I cannot use icons in my project. I have just installed: npm install primeicons –save I want use.(The icon is empty I don’t see anything) <i class="pi pi-question-circle" ></i> in my angular "styles": [ "src/styles.sass", "node_modules/primeng/resources/themes/nova-light/theme.css", "node_modules/primeng/resources/primeng.min.css", "node_modules/primeicons/primeicons.css" ], in my styles.sass I put: @import "~primeicons/primeicons.css" The icon is empty I don’t see anything.Anyone can […]

How to import `props` into `styled.jsx tsx`

Hi I use ternary operator in CSS background image when tab menu has active value. I want to change color from Gray color -> ‘red, blue, yellow’. styled.tsx export const TabMenu = styled.section` &>div { &>nav { &>a { } &:nth-of-type(1) { background-image: ${(props) => props.[] === ‘active’ ? `url(${red})` : `url(${Gray})`}; background-repeat: no-repeat; } […]

how to write Noto Sans Georgian font by mtavruli ( uppercase)

I use Noto Sans Georgian font, and I need to use it font with uppercase mode. Can someone help me? text-transform does not work. Also Idon’t want to use BPG dejavu sans caps font, I need to use only Noto Sans Georgian. Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

Is there a way to make an input popup window, that is reflected by a new flex item?

modelI’m working on a project that involves recreating a page according to dribble. our model is a reminders app and Im trying to get the "create new task" button to open a popup window, where you can input the title, urgency and description along with a cover logo. after the input, id like it to […]

How to align v-text-field label using reverse tag in Vuetify.js?

I have used vuetify.js as UI framework in Nuxt.js my latest project. In v-text-field component, I tried to user reverse tag to move text align right. But I didn’t move label from align left to align right. I used reverse, label was automatically move to align right. So, I tried to fix like below. in […]

Prevent element from shifting when hover state renders an element next to it

Im using react and rendering a text inside Material UI’s TableCell component. Right next to it, there is a condition to check whether or not the user is hovering over the tablecell. If the user is hovering, a element shows which is the expected behavior. The issue is that when that span element shows, it […]

How to make react slick carousel resizable when I zoom out?

So like the title says, what I am trying to achieve is that when I zoom out, I want my carousel to be 100% width of the screen all time, here is what I mean by that. Right now when I zoom out, my carousel looks like this: But when it is 100% zoom, a.k.a […]

Why display:block on button doesn’t make the button full width of the container? [duplicate]

Why does a button with a display: block doesn’t take the full width of the container? The following code makes the button takes only the width of the content. MDN definition of block elements: "A block-level element always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available (stretches out to the left […]

How to Adjust (Increase/Decrease) Relative Luminance using a Color Function in JS/SCSS?

Background: I’m trying to generate a color palette in SASS based on Google’s Material Theme Builder 3 which requires tonal palette’s to be generated based on relative luminance and not lightness/brightness function. Problem: I can get the luminance value using the following function in SCSS: @function get-luminance($color) { $colors: ( ‘red’: red($color), ‘green’: green($color), ‘blue’: […]

Placing a Div behind 3 divs

The aim is to code the design below with 3 boxes appearing on top of a straight vertical line (Horizontal on desktop). I have tried creating this using :: before pseudo selector. Here is the code: HTML <div className={clsx(styles.container__box, styles[‘container__box–1’])}> Box 1 </div> <div className={clsx(styles.container__box, styles[‘container__box–2’])}> Box 2 </div> <div className={clsx(styles.container__box, styles[‘container__box–3’])}> Box 3 </div> […]

Is there a property like word-wrap or overflow-wrap that can force breaks at word boundaries?

For example, If I have a sentence like the following: I like cute dogs because they’re awesome doing something like word-break: break-word might give you I like cute dogs because they’re awe some The behavior I want is for it to break like I like cute dogs because they’re awesome I can’t seem to find […]

CSS Word Wrap not applying to a react Typewriter plugin and more issues

So I have this section on my newly created React website/webapp. Currently, I am using this react plugin on npmjs to create a typewriter effect on the text. There are a few problems. The first being that the text (which bear in mind is in the same h2 tag), is on another line. I cannot […]

Highlight an individual character of text block containing links and heading on mouse hover

I am trying to achieve that when hovering over a character, the character should change color. It should work on individual characters, links, headings etc. My following code gives me result that I want but it removes the links and headings. $cont = $(‘.words’); parts = $.map($cont.text().split(”), function(v) { return $(‘<span />’, { text: v […]

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