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How to convert this Regex with lookbehind so it works in Safari?

This Regex works fine in Chrome and Firefox let regexp = new RegExp(`^${searchTerm}|(?<=s)${searchTerm}`, ‘gi’) but unfortunately Safari complains SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: invalid group specifier name It looks like Safari doesn’t support the lookbehind, but how can I transform it so I get the indices of the searchTerm without the whitespaces? let regexp = new […]

Regex pattern to count a certain occurrences

I am trying to match a word which have either space before it or after it or both . var sample = " test-abc -test# @test _test [email protected] test test " Like in the above case the first ‘test’ will count as it has a space before it, the next will not count as it […]

JS Regex – String with at least 6 characters, one digit and one number. No whitespaces, no special characters, and only letters and digits [duplicate]

I need a Regex expression for words with at least 6 characters only letters and digits at least one digit at least one letter I have been testing this one /^((?=.*d)(?=.*[a-zA-Z]))w{6,}$/ but fails with _1234aa const re = /^((?=.*d)(?=.*[a-zA-Z]))w{6,40}$/; const password1 = “_1234aa”; console.log(re.test(password1)); // should be false const password2 = “1234aA”; console.log(re.test(password2)); // works […]

How Regex.exec() can get a code injection?

I got, from a security report, a code injection issue: This could enable an attacker to inject and run arbitrary code. The attacker can inject the executed code via user input const parseUrl = url => { const re = new RegExp(/^/+(w+)/*/); const [_, service] = re.exec(url); return service; }; I could not understand how […]

Sanitise weird unicode characters in JS [duplicate]

I do not know what to search on Google or how to ask you better than just showing the example. Let’s say you have a comment section. And some user is posting this kind of comment: (I will add a lot of fake spaces because this goes over the text; check it out in the […]

A maximum of 10 digits can be used as an integer, with two decimal places [closed]

I am pretty new about regex validation. So I would like to asking a maximum of 10 digits can be used as an integer, with two decimal places reserved. valid numbers; 45353.45 12.2 123212465432.56 invalid number; 56.787 1.9897646 Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

Adding mutiple values in regex for pattern match

I am trying to add multiple strings in regex and then test them against certain value to see if that string exists. var pattern = new RegExp("^"+"ABC","i"); var patternMatch= pattern.test(SomeArray[0]); Now I require to add multiple string values in regex and then test if it exists in array. Something like this : var pattern = […]

Regex CSS Style Attribute replacements

I want to selectively replace an attribute value within a CSS Style string… The string: "font-size:13pt;font-weight:600;line-height:140%;padding-top:10px;font-family:’Open Sans’, ‘Droid Sans’, Arial, sans-serif;color:#7f1a52;padding-bottom:5px;vertical-align:middle;background-color:; text-align:center;align:center;" I want to selectively replace the "center" in text-align and align, but NOT the middle in vertical-align. So far I have string.replace(/(?<=align:)(.*?)(?=;)/g,"right") but that will also replace the middle in vertical align. How […]

Javascript/HTML DOM: How do I check if text user input equals to string in if statement

I am trying to check in my if statement if the text the user inputs from my html form equals to the string I indicate when submit is clicked. I tried using regular expressions to check if the text is a string, but not sure if done properly. Both if statements end up going straight […]

Regular expression to check if digit is at specific place

I’m new to the regular expression I need a regular expression that validates an ID number the ID number has 9 digits, the fifth digit on the ID number should be 1 or 2 Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Match not found when using the RegExp constructor [duplicate]

I’m about to build a regular expression that matches different strings from an array. When testing, the following works as intended and returns the matched groups. let str = ‘5cm’; let re = /([d,./[]]+)(cm)$/; console.log(str.match(re)); However, when using the RegExp() constructor for the same regular expression, null is returned. let str = ‘5cm’; let re […]

How to exclude some characters and include some [closed]

I have a string like let str= "abc,123,xyz" and I want to split them like this abc,132 and xyz Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Javascript: GUID: RegEx: string to GUID

I have a textbox that a user can paste into using Ctrl+V. I would like to restrict the textbox to accept just GUIDs. I tried to write a small function that would format an input string to a GUID based on RegEx, but I can’t seem to be able to do it. I tried following […]

Regex not validating domain names correctly in JS [duplicate]

I am using such regex "/^w[w-]{1,61}w.[A-Za-z]{2,6}(?:.[A-Za-z]{2,6})?$/" and if I use the domain like www.stayrare.machine or www.stayrare.machines then I get error. Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

RegExp `Range out of order in character class`

I have this RegExp: [u{1f300}-u{1f5ff}u{1f900}-u{1f9ff}u{1f600}-u{1f64f}u{1f680}-u{1f6ff}u{2600}-u{26ff}u{2700}-u{27bf}u{1f1e6}-u{1f1ff}u{1f191}-u{1f251}u{1f004}u{1f0cf}u{1f170}-u{1f171}u{1f17e}-u{1f17f}u{1f18e}u{3030}u{2b50}u{2b55}u{2934}-u{2935}u{2b05}-u{2b07}u{2b1b}-u{2b1c}u{3297}u{3299}u{303d}u{00a9}u{00ae}u{2122}u{23f3}u{24c2}u{23e9}-u{23ef}u{25b6}u{23f8}-u{23fa}u{200d}] When I’m using this RegExp on it’s working. But when I’m using this RegExp in JavaScript or Dart, I’m getting Range out of order in character class Error. I’m really sure that this is a String escaping error, but I’m not able to find the problem. I already tried […]

remove items in array from a string

I have a string and an array that look like the following: const str = ‘Liverpool Chelsea Barca’; const englishTeams = [‘Liverpool’, ‘Chelsea’] I want to remove both items in the array from the string, but not sure exactly the best way to do this. I know I can do the following but I need […]

Replace strings ignoring spaces and newlines between them

Imagine we have a text like : batman superman I want to replace batman superman with hitman spiderman: hitman spiderman For instance: batman not valid superman will not get replaced with hitman spiderman, because we have other characters (not valid) in between them. Note the spaces/newlines should remain as such. How to come up with […]

Match and replace the string but not the whitespace/newline

I have a regex like this: a[sS]*b which matches the following: a b I want to match a b and ignore newlines in them. Basically I want to replace a,b with c, d, without replacing the new lines. The regex that I have replaces the new lines too. How to ignore them? Or in other […]

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