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A look at the Redux connect() function

It is no secret that React is one of the most popular libraries for building User Interfaces in today’s day and age. I am confident most of you who read this blog have used Redux for managing the overall state of the application in your previous projects. Ever wondered how the redux connect() function works? […]

Let's Write a Redux Controller for Web Components

Elliott Marquez challenged me to write a redux controller on the Lit & Friends slack. .ltag__user__id__137797 .follow-action-button { background-color: #D7DEE2 !important; color: #FFFFFF !important; border-color: #D7DEE2 !important; } ElliottFollow I work on Developer experiences at Chrome and closely with the web platform So let’s get cracking! Step 0: The Setup First step let’s make a […]

Why is redux state immutable?

For redux to work correctly, the state must be immutable. This means that whenever we update the redux state, we have to create a copy of the whole state and set values to fields we want to change. In code, this usually looks like: let newState = { …oldState, field1: { …oldState.field1, field2: “someNewValue” }, […]

New Redux ๐Ÿ˜ฑ is just ๐Ÿ”ฅ

React Redux is the official React binding for Redux. It allows React components to read data from a Redux Store, and dispatch Actions to the Store to update data. Redux helps apps to scale by providing a sensible way to manage state through a unidirectional data flow model. React Redux is conceptually simple. It subscribes […]

Twitter Authentication using Supabase + React + Redux + Typescript

As the title of this post suggests, we’re going to be building a small React + Redux app that’ll allow your users to authenticate using their twitter credentials and access auth-only parts of the app. The code for this tutorial can be found here. Go ahead and clone that and get it running using yarn […]

Redux vs. Recoil

Did you ever think why Facebook chose the name “Recoil” for their new state management library? Well, it’s just my assumption, but I think that the primary purpose of Recoil is to cause people to recoil from Redux. Seriously now, there are a bunch of differences between Recoil and Redux. I am not going to […]

The main reason why I don't use Redux in my projects

The main reason why I don’t use Redux in my projects There are several reasons why not to use Redux. And choose another more modern library like Recoil. But the main reason why I don’t use Redux has nothing to do with Redux itself. For the same following explanation, I won’t use Recoil as well. […]

Performance Optimizations using Redux Reselect

Continue reading on Level Up Coding ยป Source: Level Up Coding

How to get error message in Redux toolkit?

How to display default error action.message in reactjs toolkit? Got a reducer: … getQueryFail: state => { state.loading = false state.errors = true } … And actions dispatch: … catch(error){ dispatch (getQueryFail()) } …. How to display error message on fail action? Source: React – Stack Overflow

How is React/Redux functional if state is still being updated?

Forgive me for asking a possibly very stupid question. My understanding is that Functional Components in React are functional because they return a view, their state cannot be directly mutated and must be done through setState() functions. They don’t have any variables that are directly changed, at least in the sense we can’t update them […]

An undefined object created when running React-Redux project

I am struggling with a React exercise which uses Redux. When I create a new object, there is always an undefined object created (as you can see in the figure). However, I can not see anything strange on db.json file or when I go to the address of JSON server. The object can be added […]

An undefined object created when I create an object by using axios in the React-redux project

I am struggling with a React exercise which uses Redux. When I create a new object, there is always an undefined object created. However, I can not see anything strange on db.json file or when I go to the address of JSON server. After that when I reload the page, all of the warnings disappear. […]

when i filter the cart the reducer function return proxy only in redux toolkit

I have tried to remove the product from the cart. here the cart is an array that contains products in the object. when I try to filter the cart in reducer it returns proxy and cannot do filtering while in same thing doing in normal redux do filtering. reducer function const initialState = { products: […]

React redux-persist my store only saves element on refresh

I’m pretty new to Redux. What I am trying to do is to save an object in the Redux store, and I want it to be saved even on refresh. That’s why I am using redux-persist. I dispatch the value in one component, and then I push another route. However when I try to read […]

Can log in user on Postman, but not on browser

If I can log in a user to Postman, then that means its my front end code that has a bug. Right? CastError: Cast to string failed for value "{ email: ‘[email protected]’, password: ‘123456’ }" (type Object) at path "email" for model "User" It seems that path "email" is both taking in the email and […]

How can I update the data in my list if a subitem updates from a get request in RTK Query

So I have the general concept of RTK query down fairly well but I have a use case where I need some assistance. I have a list component and a details component that you can navigate to to view more details on that list item. So I have two endpoints getList and getDetails. My question […]

Can’t get the value of a function inside an object using socketIO with redux-toolkit

I am using redux toolkit with socket io but can’t get the value return from the server. I try to assign the value into the res Array but the array length is still 0 let res = [] socket.emit("users") socket.on("users", (users) => { res.concat(users) users.forEach(user => { const { username, userID} = user res.push({ username: […]

React-Redux: mapStateToProps()

React and Redux provide us with a breadth of functions with any variety of purposes, but the one I am going to touch on is mapStateToProps. In light of my most recent project, a simple savings calculator built on the React and Redux libraries, I am hoping to offer some insight to others who may […]

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