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Adding Video Chat or Live Streaming to Your Website in 5 lines of Code Using the Agora Web UIKit

When you’re building a live video streaming or a video conferencing website with Agora, a few technical steps might slow you down. Now with the Agora Web UIKit, you can easily add video calling to your website with just five lines of code! It’s fully featured to boot, and it comes with easy customization and […]

Share Text Across Near 💻Devices📱 using this website 🔥

Sharing Text data across near devices has always been a headache. Some conventional methods to share text data are, Using native cross-platform applications (eg. WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.). Or, Using Email Services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) All such conventional methods needs either installation of Native Applications or Bulky Sites. Solution? TEMP-SHARE, a fast 🚀, reliable […]

How Vercel is changing the cloud game

1. What is Vercel? In all likelihood, many people know Vercel for being the creators of Next.js, a React-based Web development framework with SPA, SSG, and SSR capabilities. But frankly, after discussing what Vercel really is with my colleagues at work several times, it is way more than that: Vercel is a cloud computing provider. […]

useReducer Hook+ Context API = A Powerful React Tool

We are immensely familiar with hooks like useState, useEffect and useRef a lot which allows us to use class-based components features now in functional components. But React hooks have one more weapon in its arsenal which can be an effective tool to optimise a react application: the useReducer hook. useReducer – a redux wannabe The […]

Micro Frontends: After one year with Single-SPA

Why did we choose micro frontend architecture? We have a codebase that was originally written using AngularJS. After some years and when finally the news about AngularJS end of life came around, we started migrating to Angular (actually hybrid Angular/AngularJS). Finally, two years ago we successfully migrated to Angular (You can read the details in […]

Deep dive into React codebase [EP3: Reverse engineer the most famous React snippet]

In the previous episode we finished with the React repository setup. In today’s episode, we’ll scratch the surface of the actual source code and reverse engineer probably the most well-known React snippet. Recall What we learned in the previous episodes The React monorepo contains a lot of React-related packages, including React core, renderers, reconciler, utility […]

Create Cache Memory using Redis in Express JS

hello all developers we create a Redis store to make server to best response to the client. Redis can maximize the response time of fetching data through server like express. so , Redis is a super fast and efficient in-memory, key–value cache (hashing the data) and store. It’s also known as a data structure server, […]

The Complete React Roadmap

Learning React can be confusing at first, sometimes even downright scary! This article aims to put forth a complete roadmap to learn React so that you have a clear path moving forward. Pre-requisites There are some pre-requisites to learning React, without which, you will find yourself struggling hard. So it is highly advisable to master […]

Adding a Command Palette to Your Website

What We’ll Be Making Today Live Demo 🚀 Wait, what? MonkeyType is an open-source, minimalistic, and customisable typing test. It’s designed to be accessed from just your keyboard, eliminating the need to switch back and forth with your mouse. I really love the command palette feature on their website, which allows you to tweak settings […]

React local development and testing mocking with msw and mswjs/data

Background Recently, I found myself needing to mock CRUD operations from an API. At that time, the API was being developed by another engineer. We agreed on the API specs which allowed me to progress on building the UI. During development, the mocked APIs are useful to build to mock the actual API implementation. During […]

How I built my own simplified React with Chevrotain, Typescript & Webpack

“Know how to solve every problem that has been solved.” – Richard Feynman Over the past 2 months, I’ve been working on my own very simplified version of React called Syntact. I wouldn’t call it mature yet, but it already has a couple of features working to be usable, such as: variable declaration function declaration […]

How to Make NFC web app like dot.card or Tappy Card.

So I am pretty new to front end web development. My first learning project is to build a web base app like dot.card that can program NFC card and users can create a unique profile. The profile link is linked to the card (I dont know how it works but I am hoping I get […]

React 18 Suspense minimal example

In the current version of React (17.0.2 at the day of this article creation) Suspense is a component, that allows developers to lazy-load application parts. It accepts fallback property, with content to display, while the child component is lazy-loading. const SomePage = React.lazy(() => import(“./modules/somepage”)); const App () => ( <React.Suspense fallback={“Loading…”}> <SomePage /> </React.Suspense> […]

Best Animation Libraries for ReactJS

Introduction ReactJS is the most popular and loved framework among web developers for developing the frontend. From the launch, it has seen only growth. There are tons of libraries on the web for ReactJS that made React more awesome. Today, we are going to look into some of the best animation libraries that will help […]

What's new in react 18, A Quick Overview

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that build to develop high-quality user interfaces for both online and mobile apps. In the JavaScript food chain, it is currently the most popular and widely utilised. React was chosen as the preferred JavaScript framework by developers who took part in StackOverflow’s “2020 Developer Survey.” now react team announced […]

Create A React Router App in 5 Minutes

    Have you ever created a React app and wondered what it would take to add routes? Have, let’s say, a seperate page for your posts and pictures? Routes are a basic concept in web development and are necessary for any web development framework, frontend or backend. This is especially essential for RESTful APIs that take […]

Testing a Mui Date Picker Adaptor Component Integrated with React Hook Form

Subject Under Test A date picker component integrating mui’s date picker with React Hook Form’s form context. It uses the Controller component from React Hook Form(RHF) and configures mui’s DatePicker to handle validations and more. I use this component instead of mui‘s DatePicker in all my forms. Behaviours It inherits all the behaviours from DatePicker […]

9 Ways You Can Use React Today in 2022

In this post, we will cover 9 Ways You Can Use React in 2022 to build applications. These can range from video stream services to text editors. 1. Websites The first obvious (but most important) one on the list are web applications. React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries used in the web […]

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