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Email Authentication with React native and Firebase

In each and every app, you will see several kinds of authentication like login with Facebook, Google etc. But still, people prefer to entering email and password. In this tutorial, we are going to integrate Email authentication with React native and Firebase. Using firebase makes it easier to use. Let me tell you how? Let’s get […]

Accessibility in React Native Apps

Developer with their smartphone and laptop What is accessibility? First, let’s take a look at the MDN definition about web accessibility: When someone describes a site as “accessible,” they mean that any user can use all its features and content, regardless of how the user accesses the web — even and especially users with physical or mental impairments. […]

Optimizing UI performance with React.PureComponent and Shallow Comparison

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React Native vs. Flutter

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Performance Optimizations using Redux Reselect

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Optimizing Performance Using the useMemo Hook in React.js

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Optimizing Performance Using React.memo

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How do I change the back button image in stack navigator in react native?

I’ve already seen documents but I don’t really understand and I want somebody to show me how to change the image of the back button in react native. enter image description here I want to change the back arrow to a chevron or something. Could you please show me the code on how to do […]

change states as well as navigating to another screen

I have a navigation container that calls a function to my stack. I would like to navigate to a tab screen from a stack screen AND change a state in that tab screen. I have given some code below and a demo. In the demo you can see on screen3(stack screen) I am trying to […]

Why are my MapView Markers not being rendered?

I am trying to currently create a bunch of Markers from data sent by my backend. Here is my code. function HomeScreen({navigation}) { const [location, setLocation] = useState(null); const [errorMsg, setErrorMsg] = useState(null); const [mapRegion, setMapRegion] = useState(null); const [isLoading, setLoading] = useState(true); const [restrooms, setRestrooms] = useState([]); useEffect(() => { (async () => { […]

navigating from a tab screen to a stack screen

For an IOS application, I have a stack that gets called in my tab navigator. I am trying to navigate from a bottom tab screen to a screen in the stack but I am getting the following error. undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘_this.props.navigation.navigate’) I would like to render the bottom tab across all […]

space evenly based on icon rather than text

I am trying to space these two bodies together evenly across the device. While implementing it the way I currently am, the space-evenly renders but it spaces it by the words. I would like the space-evenly to base its spacing on the icon instead. I have provided a demo here as well as the code […]

Run React Native background tasks with Headless JS

Background processing is an important part of mobile application development, particularly when you want to poll a server or periodically send data to a server. Usually, an app is in the background if no activities are visible to the user. In React Native, performing a task in the background might seem daunting at first. It […]

ReactNative & EXOP Error iOS Bundling failed 6ms Unable to resolve module

I am learning React Native and Expo. I trying to build an application that enables the user to log in using the phone number I have an issue "iOS Bundling failed 6ms Unable to resolve module ./screens/Phone Auth form .." I have been trying for almost a while to find a way to log in […]

How to write Deep link in React Native

I have Implemented Deep Linking in react native. My routing is done like this. AuthNavigator (Stack Navigator) Login Signup Home (Stack Navigator) Home navigator (Stack Navigator) EquipmentBooking EquipmentStatus I want to navigate to EquipmentStatus screen, so I created deep linking config like this const config = { screens: { Home: { screens: { EquipmentStatus: ‘equipmentstatus’ […]

How to detect touch outside textInput in react native

I’m make a react native app that require something like this: When i click some input, the border of textInput change to orange color, and when click other textInput or every else the screen, it return white like normal, but i don’t know how to capture the outside touch of TextInput, how can we do […]

Activity Indicator not showing up inside async function due to fetch() condition

I’m developing an app that manages university courses. I have an Agenda component (similar to Google Calendar) that shows the "Main Timetable" of the lectures that happen everyday. For example: Monday 1st December <TouchableHighlight .> 9am to 10am: Maths </TouchableHighlight .> <TouchableHighlight .> 10am to 11am: Physics </TouchableHighlight .> … Every lecture is rendered as […]

Conditions for being Custom Hook in a Function

I am new to application development. Since I’m just starting out, I’m not very good with technical expressions. There is language support in my application. The user selects the language on the first screen. On the next screen, there is a text according to the language chosen. It gets this text with the following function […]

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