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React Checkbox Component not saving state to LocalStorage

I am creating a component in React which includes a checkbox. I want it to toggle back and forth (on and off) and save the state in local storage so if I go to another page, the toggle will be set to what it was before. Note: I am not using React 16 and can […]

How to build a simple react app where users can make a search through posts

I want to make a simple react app where users can make and search through posts, no sign ups, no logins, just making and searching posts I have found a useful tutorial for making the search part of my app: but I can’t find what I’m looking for as a guide to making posts […]

Setting an ID to a Formik Input element

Is there a way to set the id to a Formik Input field, something like: <Field name="password"> {({ field }) => ( <FormikInput {…field} id="pswd" style={!errors.password ? null : {borderColor: ‘#D33F49’}} size="lg" inputType={togglePwdVisibility ? "text" : "password"} placeholder="ContraseƱa" // error={getIn(errors,} touched={getIn(touched,} /> )} </Field> I need it to have an id in order […]

React router privateroute not rendering component

import React from ‘react’; import { Route, Redirect } from ‘react-router-dom’; import TokenService from ‘src/apimanager/tokenmanager/TokenService’; const PrivateRoute=({component: Component, …rest})=>{ return ( <Route {…rest} render={props=>( TokenService.getToken()? <Component{…props} /> : <Redirect to={{ pathname: ‘/login’, state: {from: props.location} }}/> )} />); } export default PrivateRoute; import React, { Suspense } from ‘react’ import { Redirect, Route, Switch } […]

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