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Add search to Select React Bootstrap React JS

i’m working with react-bootstrap to create a select list, by default there is a search in list but by just the first caracter. there is a way to add search in my select like the select from react-select. any help please ? facture.js import Select from ‘../retour/bloc/select’; export default function Facture() { return ( <Select […]

Want to make a Circular Progress Indicator

I’m attempting to create a circular progress bar like what is shown in the second image below. My project is built using the react framework and react-bootstrap. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it. I tried several blogs, but the main issue is that it only gets to the image below. Getting this […]

How can I display both of JSX elements in the same row without one or another?

How can I display both of the conditions next to each other in the same line? If using the first one just show the images if using the second one just show the video. import React, { useState } from "react"; import { Card } from "react-bootstrap"; function LastArticles({ postagem }) { const [isImage, setImage] […]

Trouble with Headless WordPress submenus using React Bootstrap Navigation

I’m new to React and I’m building my first headless WordPress site. I’m having trouble fetching submenus from my WordPress database for my React Bootstrap Navigation. The main menu items load fine. I’m using lodash groupby to try to organize the submenus under each parent. The dropdown parent label loads fine as well, but the […]

Resize table with React BootStrap on smartphone

the react component below represents the display of a table in reactstrap, the table is displayed correctly on pc, ipad, tablet but therefore the size of the devices is smaller, for example an iphone the table is "cut" and the values are displayed out of the table, could you give me how to solve this […]

Wrap React-Bootstrap Scrollable Modal in Formik Form But I got an error in console

I had to add a Modal.Dialog inside the Form and then change the dialogAs prop of the Modal to a div. This leads to the Modal.Dialog handling the scrollable styling, which I wanted to preserve. Here’s the code: <Modal show={this.props.displayModal} onHide={this.reset} dialogAs=”div”> <Formik initialValues={{}} validationSchema={validationSchema} onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}> <Form> <Modal.Header closeButton> <Modal.Title>Add Item</Modal.Title> </Modal.Header> <Modal.Body>CONTAINS FORM INPUTS</Modal.Body> […]

I can’t align my components horizontally using React and CSS

I’m having some problems lining up some React Bootstrap cards, the only way I could align them horizontally was by putting them both inside a div, but I need a component for each card, if I ran the code that way, it would end up going wrong Basically, every time I add a card, it’s […]

How do I animate react-bootstrap progress bar from 0 to N on page load?

I am using the react-bootstrap ui library for the progress bar. I want it to animate the progress bar from 0 to 70 on page load. How do I achieve it? Here is the code Component.js <ProgressBar animated now={70} className="progress-bar" /> .progress-bar { width: 400px; } Expected OutPut: It should animate from 0 to […]

Connect react-router-dom.NavLink to react-bootstrap.Tab.Pane

I have a nav menu in my webpage (constructed using <NavLink eventKey="home"> <CDBSidebarMenuItem>Home</CDBSidebarMenuItem> </NavLink> <NavLink eventKey="contact"> <CDBSidebarMenuItem>Contact</CDBSidebarMenuItem> </NavLink> and a Bootstrap React tab section <Tab.Content> <Tab.Pane eventKey="home"> <h1>Home</h1> </Tab.Pane> <Tab.Pane eventKey="contact"> <h1>Contact</h1> </Tab.Pane> </Tab.Content> The problem: Clicking a CDBSidebarMenuItem doesn’t open its tab. Any ideas what can I do about it? Source: React – […]

React bootstrap modal is not immediately closing with real time data from

i have a project in which i am working on for real time data and i use boostrap modal to display graph inside of is my app code const socket = io.connect("http://localhost:4000") function App() { const [showModal, setShowModal] = useState(false) const [ch, setCh] = useState(-1); const [count, setCount] = useState(0) const [GD, setGD] […]

How to detect Crtl + Shift + R and Browser Reload button on React

How to detect user has click the Reload button on the browser: I am trying to use the useBeforeunload library and javascript listener method beforeunload to detect however the event.preventDefault() and set the return value to false still doesn’t do anything instead it keeps reloading the page even though I put some Modal tag to […]

How to specify keys in React Bootstrap table

Using React Bootstrap table, I’m getting the warning Warning: Each child in a list should have a unique "key" prop. I’ve read about how this is necessary for lists, but not sure where I’m supposed to set a key for a Table? My table looks something like this <Table size="sm" responsive="sm" bordered hover striped> <thead> […]

Adding "float: right" changes background color of container in React

I’m trying to render an image that is aligned on the right side of its container in React. This is what I have:. Here, StyledImage has two properties: width: 80% and float: right. The background color of the page is black without the float style added, but it turns white when I add it. How […]

How to pass props to react component to change text color

I have a react component that when used in certain areas I need to change the text color. This is how the component was before I needed to change the text color in some circumstances: export default function Subheader(props) { return ( <Container> <h3 className={styles.h3}>{props.text}</h3> <div className={styles.headerUnderline}></div> </Container> ) } CSS: .h3 { font-family: var(–font-family); […]

Can I use react-bootstrap without a bundler

Currently, I am only using React and I am thinking about adding React-Bootstrap into my project. It turns out to be a bit more problematic than I initially thought. Since I am not using node.js, I incorporate React into my HTML page by doing the following: index.html <script src="./static/lib/babel-standalone/6.26.0/babel.js"></script> <script src="./static/lib/react/17.0.2/umd/react.js"></script> <script src="./static/lib/react-dom/17.0.2/umd/react-dom.js"></script> <script src="./static/my_react.js" […]

How can I override React Bootstrap css?

I can’t figure out how I can override React Bootstrap css without using inline styles? For example, I’m rendering an Alert I made some css changes, but they are not getting applied since they are lower in priority. In this example, you can see that I’m trying to override the padding: I don’t want to […]

JSX element type ‘Navbar’ does not have any construct or call signatures

import Navbar from ‘react-bootstrap/Navbar’ import Container from ‘react-bootstrap/Container’ import Nav from ‘react-bootstrap/Nav’ export const NavbarPage = () => { return ( <> <Navbar bg="dark" variant="dark"> <Container> <Navbar.Brand href="#home">Navbar</Navbar.Brand> <Nav className="me-auto"> <Nav.Link href="#home">Home</Nav.Link> <Nav.Link href="#features">Features</Nav.Link> <Nav.Link href="#pricing">Pricing</Nav.Link> </Nav> </Container> </Navbar> </> ) } I’ve looked through multiple posts saying to export the function and I swear […]

Active Dropdown Menus

I am working on a project where the user has a selection to make. The selection being, is the member an active member or an inactive member. If the member is active, the user will select the "Active" selection, if inactive, then the user would select the "Inactive" selection. Dropdown Menu Below is what I […]

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