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Is there a way to edit the content in the React-Bootstrap Table Component’s Cells?

I’m using the table component from React-bootstrap and I was wondering if there is a way to edit the values in the cells. E.g. something like this: But I’m not sure if that is compatible with the React-Bootstrap Table component: Help would be much Appreciated. Thanks Source: React – Stack Overflow

React Bootstrap using EmailJs show toast/modal on successful sent

Good day, I want a toast/modal notification once the form is submitted, right now its only "alert" message. And i want it like this: <div className="toast_modal">We’ve received your inquiry, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!"</div> here is my code: import React, {Component} from ‘react’; import emailjs from ’emailjs-com’; class NameForm […]

React export default throwing invalid element type error

I’m trying to learn react and bootstrap and was building a simple app with a navbar, a couple of pages and a login page. I created a seprate file called Navigation.js to define the Navbar component and exported it so that I can use it in App.js. However, I get the following error: Error: Element […]

can i change styles even after using bootstrap theme?(bootstrap,css,react.js)

This is my webpage(still working on it!) before I use bootstrap theme As you can see, All Sundays and Saturdays are red and blue each by using css like below .fc-day-sat { color: blue; } .fc-day-sun { color: red ; } and this is my webpage after I used bootstrap theme I was quite satisfied […]

Importing react-bootstrap element doesn’t work?

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I want to create some components using react-bootstrap and I follow this tutorial but instead of using semantic-ui I use react-bootstrap. import React from ‘react’; import { Card } from ‘react-bootstrap’ import { Button } from ‘react-bootstrap’ const CardExampleCard = ({weatherData}) => ( <Card style={{ width: ’18rem’ […]

Can’t focus input in react bootstrap dropdown menu

I’m using react-bootstrap (currently 2.0.0-beta.4) to render a component. It has a toggle and a menu. The only thing in the menu is an input text field, and I want it to receive focus when my dropdown is opened. Tried using the focusFirstItemOnShow={true} property, and tried to use the onToggle callback to manually focus my […]

Submit two forms with one button in react

I am developing a web app using React JS. It has a page which consists of two forms Shipping Address and Billing Address. Now I want to submit these two forms via a single button. <Form style={{ width: ‘300px’ }}> <Form.Group controlId=”fullname”> <Form.Control style={InputStyle} required type=”text” placeholder=”Full Name *” value={fullname ? fullname : “”} onChange={(e) […]

Reactjs radio button defaltChecked is not getting unchecked

I’m trying to build a filter that filters all the candidates. I want the exp filter radio buttons to be unchecked by default that is why I set it to null by default. when a user clicked a filter it gets true. when I click reset it should uncheck the exp filter radio buttons but […]

Javascript nested expandable/collapsible table with bootstrap/material ui

I would like to build a nested expandable/collapsible table with Javascript using either bootstrap or Material UI component. However, as I tried with Material UI’s Table and Collapse components, I see that the columns of the parent table shift to the right once the child table is expanded. I tried to use bootstrap styles with […]

How to show certain array on react JS with mapping?

Hi guys so I’m trying to make some hotel web page using React.js and I’m currently on the process to make the facilities page. I want to show the facilities description based on the button that the user click. How can I do that using mapping ? I already write some code and it show […]

How to remove the modal after validation

Goal: When you press on the submit button, inside of modal, and if the validation is OK, then the modal popup to be be removed. You should enable to reuse the modal again but for another row. Problem: I tried to remove the modal but after that the function do not work when you tried […]

Selected options in bootstrap dualbox are disappearing for dynamic values

I have this react code: import DualListBox from ‘react-dual-listbox’; const ProjectTest = props => { const [options, setOptions] = useState([]); const [selectedOptions, setSelectedOptions] = useState([]); const onChangeDualBox = (selected) => { setSelectedOptions(selected); }; const setCategory = (cat) => { if(cat !== ‘all’){ const found = allOptions.filter(el => el.category === cat); setOptions(found); } else{ setOptions(allOptions); } […]

How to use mapping in React JS for Image

Hi guys so I’m trying to make some web page about hotel room information using React JS and I wanted to change the name, description, image of the page depending on the room type the user choose. But I don’t know how to map the image, can somebody help me to do the mapping ? […]

React Carousel.Item not rendered

I use react-bootstrap Carousel. Normally, if I call Carousel.Item inside a Carousel, everything works just fine. However, when I enclose the Carousel.Item inside a custom component, the react-bootstrap Carousel cannot find the Carousel.Item and hence renders nothing. I have tried by placing 3 Carousel.Item inside the this Testimonial’s Carousel but it works. I just want […]

Bootstrap NavDropdown ClassName active not existent, how to know when dropdown elements are selected?

I am kind of stuck with a problem on react js. I am using the bootstrap library: The home button is a , and that is why, I am able to give it a class name "active" when it is active, and thereby address it in SASS using and set the border-bottom blue […]

I have a css issue with a web based blog i’m working on in react

Whenever i post something new the css does not apply to the new post but is still applied to old post? [enter image description here][1] [2]: Where you see the icons are spreed out is what i’m aiming for but when the image is posted this result [enter image description here][2] [1]: Any […]

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