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Integrating Vue Devtools into an Electron Application

submitted by /u/Bonteq [link] [comments] Source: /r/vuejs

Axios interceptors inside composables

Had an idea, wondering how I could get it to work. So I need user preferences from my API. I've got some axios interceptors in my App.js “`js // App.js import axios from 'axios'; axios.interceptors.request.use(function (request) { if (request.url[0] === '/') { request.url = /api${request.url}; } }) window.axios = axios “` My component can fetch […]

Any Vue experts out there willing to help me resolve this dependency error?

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Creating a nested form with checkboxes and select boxes

Scenario: You have 3 products with a few color choices for each product. Color affects the price of a product. Eg. product colors price tshirt t-red, t-green, t-blue 2000, 3000, 1000 jacket j-red, j-green 1400, 1200 hoodie h-green, h-blue 6400, 2400 I want to make a form where user can pick products with a certain […]

Working on a Canvas with Vue3 Composition API and Typescript!

Hi All I own a Typescript code base without Vue that creates a Sudoku board using an HTML 5 Canvas element. I want to expand my project now to use Vue (specifically Vue3 Composition API with Typescript), and I seem to be stuck at the first hurdle, namely actually being able to reference and use […]

Vue 3 promise / schema based form generator

Hi yall, I just released a beta version of a promise-based form builder for Vue 3. It exploits the new provide / inject feature to delegate all the UI instanciation, internal logic …etc to the tool, to let you create and inject forms in seconds The idea is that instead of having to setup the […]

Vue/Nuxt Desktop App Database Options

Hi, I am looking forward to creating a Desktop app for the Windows platform. I have an application that is built-in Visual Foxpro and uses the Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file. The idea is to migrate the app from Foxpro to Vue/Nuxt (preferably Nuxt) and have some kind of local database. I have no preference […]

Recommendation for a code sharing / coding playground app with vue.

Hi, I want to create my own basic version of an open source codesharing / coding playground app inspired by CodePen, shadertoy or openprocssing as a personal learning project and need some advice about the stack. Users should be able to code without saving or create an account/login to save project and code. It should […]

Unpopular opinion: Typescript is overrated

This is might be an unpopular opinion and perhaps I can be persuaded but I feel like typescript is overrated. There seems to be a strong push towards typescript within the vue 3 ecosystem especially when looking at volar and pinia and just general best practice within the vue 3 community (admittedly documentary, tutorials, and […]

Help: Submit button that also runs a method

I have a form that I'm submitting with payment details. <form method="POST" action="https://payment.processor"> <input type="hidden" name="browserRedirect" value="" /> …. <input type="hidden" name="currency" value="USD" /> <button @click="doFunction" type="submit" name="submit"> Pay </button> </form> The problem is that when I add the @click="doFunction", it only does the function and doesn't submit the form. I'd like it to both […]

I made a simple way to log your app’s events

Over the past month, I have been working on LogSnag, a cross-platform app to publish, organize and track user, business, or logical events. For years, I have been using Slack and Discord to track when a user joins a waitlist, signs up, purchases a product, or my stripe events such as new subscriber, failed transaction, […]

Keep getting errors with my dependencies every time I do NPM install, does anyone have any suggestions on what versions to update to?

I've changed the eslint versions a couple times around, I need the dependencies to work with vue 3, vuex 4 and my vue-router. Will all this change if i add pinia too? My dependencies and errors are in the picture submitted by /u/Main-Science-8729 [link] [comments] Source: /r/vuejs

Having 2 front ( Vue2 no TS Webpack, Vue 3 with TS vet) running concurrently

submitted by /u/lowteast [link] [comments] Source: /r/vuejs

Developing components in isolation

When I create a component ideally I like to develop it and view it in isolation. Currently I just create a route that mounts the component I'm developing. What's the best way of doing this? I've messed around with storybook in the past but it seems geared toward building component libraries and for use with […]

PrimeVue 2.8.0 Brings The Mighty DataTable From Vue 3 to Vue 2

PrimeVue for Vue3 might be the version that gets the most attention however Vue 2 branch is live and under active development. The team has put great effort for v2.8.0 to port the powerful DataTablefrom Vue 3 to Vue 2. Major updates are the all-new filtering and scrolling. ​ Changelog Visit the full changelog […]

How to handle cache in vue-apollo?

Hey guys I am trying to figure out what's the best way to handle cache in vue-apollo. The code below works, but I wonder if it is the best approach. What do you think? I first try to get data from the cache, and secondly from the server let countries: Country[] = reactive([]); // GETTING […]

Could somebody explain me this nutation

Hi, could somebody please explain this to me? I am currently testing with TS, VUE and Pinia and found this in a guide (content is by me): state: (): State => ({ assignees: [], userApiKey: null, currentAssignee: null }), I understand what it does. But i dont get the nutation. Could somebody explain me why […]

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