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How to add proper spacing between top and bottom divs

Hi i am trying to add spacing between my top and bottom divs. I have tried margin-top and bottom as well as padding but does not work, Please Help. My HTML Code: (Using Python and Django as Backend) <div class="flexbox-container infinite-container"> {% for item in prods %} <div class="flexbox-item infinite-item"> <a href="{{item.slug}}"><img src="{{item.image.url}}"></a> <div class="Main-Info"> […]

LPT to Enhance TailwindCSS Class Names

submitted by /u/shittychinesehacker [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Need to stack up this buttons horizontally instead of vertically. Any help?

Hello I have a list of buttons/images that need to be displayed next to each other. Right now they are all stacked on each other vertically, while I'd like to see them horizontally. This is what they look by default I added a bit of CSS Code: .lineup{ display: inline-block; border: 0 none; padding: […]

My tutorial on a fix for sticky hover on mobile

submitted by /u/mishadanilenko [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

CSS3 Clip-path Transform Effects On Hover with Html And CSS | Web Design | Speed Code

submitted by /u/ksbisht941 [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Writing Better CSS (a compilation of modern strategies)

submitted by /u/Alex_Hovhannisyan [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Open Props – CSS Framework

submitted by /u/sharath725 [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

How to specify inline keyframes in JavaScript passing a variable value?

I have various notification elements of different sizes, and I slide them up and out after a timer. I need to know the size of the notification box to know how much to move it, so that the other notifications below it slide into place smoothly. I would like to do something like = […]

Scrolling issues on safari

Hey everyone, I was developing this site ( and then tested it on iOS and macOS in safari and the scroll is absolutely awful. A lot delay with the page loading in as you scroll. No JavaScript so I’m assuming it’s a css property? Just not sure what one. Haven’t had this issue before but […]

Why is my file-input resizing to a smaller size than I wrote in css?

Hello, my file input keeps getting small every time I refresh the page and I cant figure out why. When I change the height at all in the css it goes back to a normal size, and once the page is refreshed it goes small again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Here are […]

Tailwind and the Femininity of CSS

submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Square Images Side by Side

HI i am a newbie in css, and am trying to do a simple design for my website, that is square shaped images side by side (3 max in one row) this is what i did and got so far, Any help Please. Thanks I am using python in the backend to fetch the images, […]

iOS style css library for react

Are there any iOS style libraries for react.js ? I have tried looking but could not find any. submitted by /u/AegonBlackfyre1997 [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Tutorial: How to Freeze Table Rows and Columns

submitted by /u/mjb09 [link] [comments] Source: /r/css

Help with Dark Reader

Dark reader kina messes with my website, and with the redesign im doing it breaks it. I know dark reader will ignore sites that have dark mode, so is there a way I can do that or do the devs have to do that or.. also its already in dark mode, dark reader just changes […]

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