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An Analysis of Shingling and Random Projection Algorithms

Photo by Reuben Teo on Unsplash In a previous article, we discussed sequence similarity through Levenshtein distance and evaluated that at O(m*n). As we look to apply this algorithm to data sets of a larger size and scale, it becomes impractical. The use cases to consider here are search engine web page indexing and plagiarism. With […]

How to deploy a Python + Flask API on Heroku

#ExplainLikeI’m5 Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

7 Golden Python Packages with Code

Rarely used python libraries that every programmer must know Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Peregrine Update – The Python-like programming language that's as fast as C++

“Blazing-Fast Language for the Blazing-Fast World” – Peregrine Motto Introduction Hey guys, it’s been a long time! If you don’t already know me, my name is Ethan and I’m one of a few Peregrine Programming Language developers. Over the past few months, we’ve managed to surpass the progress in the 1st write (code for the […]

Freelancing For The Summer

I’m graduating high school this summer, and I’m not sure any of the places I’ve applied to for internships will even reply 😅 Does anyone have any expreience with freelance work on Fiverr or similar platforms? What jobs did you offer? What did your page look like and what specifically do you think landed you […]

How to make NFT

Hi everyone, Welcome to my blog, I like to talk about NFT’s and how to make a NFT. So what is NFT ? A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, […]

Monitoring Django application performance with OpenTelemetry | SigNoz

Django is a popular open-source python web framework that enables rapid development while taking out much of the hassle from routine web development. It also helps developers to avoid common security mistakes. As such, many applications are built with Django. Django is very popular among web developers and has a huge community behind it. It […]

How practice and improve trade skills with demo trading on trading view with bar reply mode feature? (open source project)

paper trading view repo on github a few weeks ago when i was practicing price action method in MT4 i found out Trading View has a feature call Bar reply , you can cut the candlestick chart to the back , so i decided to buy a pro account . but after a while i […]

How to install python in window and print “Hello World”

How to install python in window and print “Hello World” Now, we’ll download and install Python as well as an IDE called PyCharm. First of all, let’s head to Python’s official website and download Python: Go to this link – Python page From the above link, download the latest version of Python. After visiting this […]


It is that time of the year – the beginning- where everyone is giving their opinion on the booming tech stack. This year, I have resolved to focus on Python as my core language and sticking with that. When it comes to Python for web development, Django and Flask are the two go-to web frameworks. […]

How to predict the future using Python 🐍?

Hi fellas! I am Yash Makan, a black magician 🦹‍♂️ and you know what I can predict anything. Yup! I can predict the future of covid, google stock price, bitcoin price and your business profit. To avail of my services simply go to It would be a pleasure working with you. Different Models of […]

Top 7 Websites To Get Your First Paid Internship

Hello, techies Nomadev here, back with another blog on tech. Completing an internship is the most effective way to grow your professional network, develop real-life industry skills, and enhance your chances of employment. There is a ton of advice out there on every aspect of applying, but it can be hard to know where to […]

30 Top Apps Made With Python

The original article was written by SoftFormance I started as a newbie web developer in 2005. More than a decade has passed, and I’ve tried many different coding languages. We’ve used a few different web and mobile frameworks in our agency, but we never changed the primary programming language. We always used Python for […]

Automating Django Deployment workflow with Github Actions

If you’ve worked on a project that has constant changes, tests, and needs to be deployed to a server every time the changes occur, then you’re aware how the process of logging in to the server via ssh, redeploying, and testing is quite repetitive and frankly annoying sometimes. Luckily, with the advent of Github actions, […]

Introducing Obsei

Dear Dev Community! Allow me to introduce Obsei (pronounced “Ob see” | /əb-‘sē/). It is a low-code AI powered automation tool. Name was derived from three words OBServe, AnalyzE, Inform. You can think of it as Zapier for cognitive-automation tasks. More specifically we closely resemble Levity, which are doing great work toward no-code ML automation. […]

Python vs JavaScript

Who will win if there is a fight between python and JavaScript? Source: DEV Community

How to become a web developer in 2021 | web developer salary | All-time-dev

How to become a web developer in 2021 | web developer salary | All-time-dev If you are interested in learning web development but are confused that how could I will become a web developer then you have visited the right place in this post we are going to find how to become a web developer […]

Tweet Classification with Twitter Search API V2, OpenAI API, and Python

Build an application to classify Tweets, retrieved from the Twitter V2 API using the OpenAI classification API. In this tutorial, we will build an application that will classify Tweets, retrieved from the Twitter V2 API using the OpenAI classification API. We will combine both: OpenAI API for AI functions to perform the classification. The Twitter API […]

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