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Using Arduino for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): A Step-by-Step Guide

Create simple Bluetooth Low Energy project with Arduino Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

Custom React Hooks: useNetworkState

In the last episode of the Custom React Hooks series, we’ve implemented the useLocalStorage hook to simplify local storage management. In today’s episode, we’ll create a hook to simplify the observation of our users network state: useNetworkState. Motivation Implementation Usage Conclusion Support Me Motivation Let’s say you’re building an application that requires to be online […]

Deploy a Unity WebGL game on 4EVERLAND: A Step-by-Step Guide

Easy way to publish your Unity WebGL game to the Internet using 4EVERLAND Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

Integrate Firebase Authentication with Google Sign-In to SwiftUI app

SwiftUI framework is already in its third iteration and with that, it is well and truly on its way to production-ready applications. Such applications are certainly going to need some sort of authentication. Since authenticating users can be tricky, you may want to rely on third-party solutions for that, such as Firebase. Question is then, […]

Java is Lord of the Rings

You might have heard that “Java is Beatles” but I don’t know enough music to make the right analogies… And besides… Maybe music isn’t even the right analogy When people say that “Java is Beatles”, they want it to mean that new fads come and go, but good music will still be good music, to […]

Optimized Metadata Loading Process on ShardingSphere: A Technical Deep-Dive

The powerful database middleware ShardingSphere core functions such as data sharding, encryption and decryption are all based on the database metadata. Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

GitLab Project Guide Step By Step!

You will need Basic understanding of Git and git commands. There are a lot of resources about Git on the internet. This book is a good place to start. Git installed on your local system. If you don’t have Git on your device yet, you can download it here. Step By Step Instructions Making your […]

The CableReady Language Implementation Project

We believe that CableReady can become the universal standard tool for developers to dynamically control client browsers from the server. While the project has roots in the Ruby on Rails community, the JS client is unopinionated about how the simple JSON structure that it consumes is created. StimulusReflex @stimulusreflex Are you a CableReady fan who […]

Equality Operators

What is equality operators? Equality operators comparing two values which will either return a Boolean value “true” or “false”. Equality is use in decision making scenario. There’s two type of equality == “loose equality” & === “strict equality”. Why is this important? Because in a situation when I want to compare an object and primitive […]

Request/Response Cycle of Django β€” Basic

Django is a popular framework that is used by many high level tech companies for back-end development. Django has lots of handy structure to handle web applications. One of them is request/response cycle of django that we will cover today. Article is here! Source: DEV Community

Python decorator to show execution time of a function

When working on a high throughput, low latency system, it’s important to measure the execution time of your code to identify bottleneck and fix them. To do so, let’s use a decorator to measure the execution time for the function it decorates. from datetime import timedelta from functools import wraps from timeit import default_timer as […]

How to become a Certified AWS Developer in 2022

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article. Hello Devs, if you want to become a certified AWS developer in 2022 and preparing for AWS Developer Associate certification and looking for the best books, courses, and overall guidance to […]

OverSimplified: Programming Languages

OverSimplified is a series where I try to oversimplify CS concepts in an attempt to help us all better understand them. Thanks for your time, enjoy! What is a Programming Language? Programming Languages are tools that provide us with a syntax (rules and keywords) which we can use to communicate with computers. Okay so… how […]

5 HTML Tags you may not know about

Hello Coders, I am Akshit Singh, and in today’s blog, I would tell you about 5 tags in HTML that you may not know. Even I did not know about the following tags at all. I recently found it on the web and thought of sharing this thing with the community 🌐. So, Let’s get […]

How to save the entire user session using Python?

It is very important to know how to save the entire current session like local variables, objects etc when we are working with AI projects using Python because it is very difficult to run the entire python code every time to initialise the objects, Models, variables etc. To overcome this problem we have pickle to […]

Type systems as told by my dog

There are a lot of programming languages out there to build cool apps in, and one of the major concepts you’ll encounter in all of them is the concept of the many types a piece of data, such as a variable, can be. Common data types you’ll encounter are numbers like 34313, strings of text […]

A Story Of React States.

It’s hard to maintain a state. Harder to maintain a UI. And near impossible to keep a user happy. No matter how well you plan, disintegration always happens. React is a well-known web UI library with a long history of state implementation. Components shape the application. But it’s a state’s job to keep it inside […]

How to create dynamic input fields with Laravel Livewire.

Hey there πŸ‘‹, I recently ran into a situation where I needed to build a dynamic input field and thought I would share how I did it. This how-to is going to cover how to generate an input field on demand, simply by clicking a link you’ll be able to add an input field or […]

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