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DevOps Pipeline: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

We are here to help you create your first DevOps pipeline with a step-by-step process. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

The Risks Lurking in Your CI/CD Pipeline

One key objective of any modern software product is to reach its end-user at an unprecedented speed. Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

I Test, Therefore it Works

To put it simply, programmers make it work and testers make it break. The benefits beat the costs in the long run. Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

25 Best Android Libraries, Projects, and Tools You Won’t Want to Miss Out in 2021

Hello everyone, this is my first post on 🚀 I start to post new content here as well as on other platforms. Actually this is cross-post from Medium, however you all know that Medium is quite restrictive for non-members. Due to this fact, I want to post my articles on too. I believe […]

Application Security Engineer journey

Introduction When you start working as an application security engineer, you’ll expect to find straightforward tasks to do. But this is not the case because each company has its vision and strategies to handle data security, which can let us infer that every organization’s security maturity may differ from one to another. Viewing data breaches […]

Ema-Johnia {day-30}

100daysofcode {Day – 30} Today’s learning about JavaScript Localstorage. I’ve created a shopping cart with ReactJs and if you add products to the cart it will save the data to local storage and you will see the products on the cart after browser refresh or exit. Link: learning #javascript #programminglife #react Source: DEV Community

Peregrine Rewrite – The python-like language that's as fast as C

Hey guys! My name is Ethan, and I’m one of 12 Peregrine developers. Some of you may already know what Peregrine is, some of you don’t, but this article is going to explain the current state at where Peregrine is at. What is Peregrine If you know Python, you know how easy it is. However, […]

What makes languages "fast" or "slow"?

In his article Naser Tamimi compares C++ and Python and this is what he observed: As you can see Python is much slower than C++, but in reality no programming language is fast or slow. The machine code generated by the programming language is either simple or complex. All Languages have the same goal The […]

YouTube Music API

An unofficial YouTube Music API For Python Programming Language. A Python library which Quickly gather the metadata of a Song, Playlist, Artist existing on YouTube or YouTube Music. Installation pip install YouTubeMusicAPI This library can be installed by the pip command, open your command prompt and type in the following command… No Credential details required. […]

A Basic Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

Brief Background Like HTML, CSS (which means Cascading Style Sheets) is not a programming language, it is the code you use to selectively style the web. CSS is a style sheet language for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML. It is designed to help improve a site’s content […]

Data Structures Problem – Checking for Children Sum Property in a given Binary Tree 🌳

Hey guys 👋🏻, I just released a new video on solving an interview problem : Checking for Children Sum Property in a given Binary Tree In this video, we will solve the problem of checking whether the given binary tree satisfies the children sum property or not. We will first understand the approach that we […]

Creative Food Delivery Landing Page

Food Delivery Landing Page is a modern web template for your business. You can download the bootstrap file and launch your food delivery business easily. Full View – Get UI HUT Lifetime access and use “SOP10” for a 10% discount. webtemplate #webdesign Source: DEV Community

How to Get list of All Environment Variables' key Used in a Golang Module or Project

In this article we’re about to write a program which helps us to get the all environment variables which is used in your project. Why I created this program? So recently in my current company we’ve decided to separate the modules which is not dependent on anycode, because the project structure was become larger that’s […]

My Full Stack Developer Toolkit

Developing, programming, coding, scripting, whatever you call it, is difficult. It’s a fact. Luckily, there are a plethora of tools we can use to make it just a little bit easier and faster to get code done and into production. The tools I personally use evolve depending on the projects and technologies I am working […]

Learning Python- Intermediate course: Day 40, Summary of the week and more about OOP

Today let us summarize the week and check out a more about OOP Let us first check out a program which shows the implementation of Complex numbers through classes class Complex: #Default values x=0 y=0 def __init__(self,x,y): self.x=x self.y=y def absolute(self): return (self.x**2+self.y**2)**0.5 a=Complex(2,-3) print(a.absolute()) b=Complex(4,5) print(b.absolute()) 3.605551275463989 6.4031242374328485 In the above program, a and […]

Front-end vs back-end development: What's the difference?

Front-end development and back-end development are two very important pieces of the software development world. These two components work together to improve the functionality of websites and web applications. While the front end and back end work closely together in web development, these two development types involve different things. Today, we’re going to dive deeper […]

How to set up GitHub with Visual Studio Code

You just might be here because you might have heard about the amazing functionalities of Git & GitHub, or you have a basic knowledge of how version control works and you wanted to test that out yourself. Either way, this article is curated for anyone looking to link up GitHub to VSCode for development. 1. […]

The Best Developers Rarely get the job, "It’s like Tinder for jobs"

Learn how recruiters review your profile and get more job interviews (for a Software Developer role). Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

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