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State of the Web: Bundlers & Build Tools

Ever since Browserify, bundlers have been extremely important in the web ecosystem. They provide the ability to automatically process code, which opens up opportunities for performance optimization and non-native languages. This article looks at the background of bundlers, why they are essential, and their current state. Background of Bundlers The Web Before Bundlers For a […]

Getting Started with TailwindCSS

You must have heard about “tailwindcss” but you might not know what it does or how to use it… in this article, I will share with you what tailwindcss is all about, why it’s been used, and maybe if its a component library you would probably use. What is TailwindCSS Tailwind CSS is self-described as […]

Hack and Exfiltrate text files using GoLang

This article will help you to write a Golang program which will transfer files from the remote machine (victim’s machine) to your local environment(attacker’s machine). This article is mainly for education purposes and can be used for small pen-testing scenarios as well ( I have used it and it really works). We can use tools […]

Interoperability in Julia

INTRODUCTION One of the features Julia has to offer is Interoperability. Language interoperability could be defined as the ability for two or more languages to interact or communicate for effective data transmission in a system. P.S: I wrote on Interoperability; check it out! With the help of various packages, Julia can call several programming languages. […]

Share Text Across Near 💻Devices📱 using this website 🔥

Sharing Text data across near devices has always been a headache. Some conventional methods to share text data are, Using native cross-platform applications (eg. WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.). Or, Using Email Services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) All such conventional methods needs either installation of Native Applications or Bulky Sites. Solution? TEMP-SHARE, a fast 🚀, reliable […]

build a snake game using canvas and requestAnimationFrame

this project is inspired by dan’s streaming,but implement my way. im not good at english, so i just show my code and comments. if you found this is helpful, please give me a star. live-demo github blog data structure and variables const canvas = document.getElementById(“canvas”) const ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”) const width = 400 const height […]

SQL Beginner Friendly Cheatsheet

1. Retrieving/Selecting Data – The SELECT statement is used to select data from a database. SELECT column_name FROM table_name; for eg – SELECT StudentName FROM Student; 2. Selecting All Records/Columns of Data – The Asterisk(*) is used to select all records. SELECT * FROM table_name; for eg – SELECT * FROM Student; 3. Selecting Distinct […]

Data Structures vs. Algorithms?

If you are a fresh or junior Software engineer, you probably heard a lot about data structures and algorithms. Everyone tells you about their importance or how valuable to learn them. You hear about them together, and sometimes you ask yourself, are they one thing, or do they most come together? So what is data […]

E2E testing: challenges & lessons learned

End-to-end testing. The holy grail of all testing types. Here’s everything we learned regarding the ins and outs of end-to-end testing – lessons, takeaways, mistakes, you name it. So, let’s start out with why Swimm started growing, we added new features, and we found that we simply couldn’t keep up with changes. We realized that […]

Why you need to play with Arduino Uno.

What is this stuff called Arduino ? If you are a programmer and a you are thinking of it, well then it’s something you can play with around. Though Arduino is an eloctronic device used in most of the IOT projects but being a programmer you will not just always code and do the stuffs […]

Top 8 most advisable platforms to learn data science in 2022

Job of a Data scientist is considered to be one of the most fastest growing jobs in 2021. In USA, the average salary of a data scientist jumps to more than $100,000 per annum. Firstly we see what actually is data science. After that we will check out the various platforms to learn data science. […]

Adding Google Authentication Feature.

Hey everyone! In this article, we will be adding a new feature Google AUTH to our login Form. Let’s start with basics install a react app using the below commands in the terminal. npx create-react-app google_auth cd google_auth npm start Now, let’s quickly install a very popular package react-google-login to display a “Log in with […]

What is Pug HTML for beginners | All-time-dev?

What is Pug HTML for beginners | All-time-dev? Today, we are going to know about PUG which is a very important topic for you if you are a backend developer we will know the history of PUG, what is a pug and its uses what are template engines, and more. So, if you are interested […]

How I Make a Dashboard for Our Game Studio Faster than a Portfolio Website

Yes. This is real. I compare our users’ dashboard with a portfolio website and our website is 40% faster. Here’s a small lighthouse test that I perform: Small note: Both tests are run in localhost. So, let me share how we do this. 1. Using fewer resources. Of course, we all know this. To load […]

How I built my own simplified React with Chevrotain, Typescript & Webpack

“Know how to solve every problem that has been solved.” – Richard Feynman Over the past 2 months, I’ve been working on my own very simplified version of React called Syntact. I wouldn’t call it mature yet, but it already has a couple of features working to be usable, such as: variable declaration function declaration […]

I found out the NFT police is real, so I made a bot and I'll tell you how to

I will explain how I built this Twitter bot freenftbot, but first allow me to have to floor to tell you how I got here. Like all good internet stories it started with a meme. After seeing this meme I went down the rabbit hole and in a shocking turn of events. These scammy influencers […]

Some Best Practices of Javascript for clean and better code quality…

JavaScript is a very popular and widely used programming language. Initially it was developed only as a scripting language, but now it is doing way more than that. It’s community is growing so is the Javascript. As the new features is being added frequenty, it is hard to write optimized and clean code, mostly happens […]

A Step by Step Guide: The Writing Process to Use to Write Good Technical Articles

A good technical writer is someone who can break down complex concepts into simple and straightforward language that is easy to understand. To be able to do that, you need a good writing process. A good writing process will help you to: Understand the topic you are writing about. Know your audience. Know how to […]

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