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My first 100 followers on Dev

First of all, thanks to the Dev community for giving feedback on my posts and appreciating my content. How it started I always had a thing for writing. I had been writing Medium blogs about my travel for some time now. It brings me joy to share and express myself through words. During my college, […]

Day 79 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Eleventh Weekly Retrospective

Happy Sunday, everyone! I had trouble keeping up with my goals this week, because they involved different things. These were learning more about Next.js and Scrum, adding pages to my company site, sending job proposals and cold e-mails, and finally, reviewing some of my skills to prepare for technical interviews. It was honestly overwhelming at […]

25 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started to Code

Starting on the journey of coding can be extremely daunting. Some tips can ease your path at the beginning of the journey. Here are 25 tips I wish someone told me when I was starting out 1. You don’t need a super computer to start coding At the start of the journey, often beginners put […]

We made a website to easily share links between our devices.

My partner and I made a website to make us easily share links between our devices. Backstory Many times when we found something interesting and wanted to share a link from one’s phone or laptop to her desktop so we can both watch it on the big screen, we had to send the link […]

Are the codes written/read left to right ?! (a misconception among beginners)

Before we begin, we would like to mention that if you are a professional programmer, this article will most probably be a repeat for you, But if you think you are just starting out, or even as an experienced programmer, you are looking to rethink this concept, reading this article is not a waste. In […]

7 months ago I published the app that allows you to adjust your WebCamera exposure – those are the stats!

About a year ago during my 1:1 my boss told me that my face is barely visible because of the window in the background and that I should do something about it. Obviously I bough some apps in the Mac App Store – but all of them were not supporting my web camera. As an […]

Emmet Shortcuts You Should Know

Hey readers πŸ‘‹ This is my first post on DEV, I hope you all will love it. Introduction In this post, we will look at some of the useful Emmet shortcuts. Though there are tons of Emmet shortcuts, we will be looking at major and useful ones. Before getting started, what Emmet actually is? As […]

How to Commit like a Boss

What’s Committing anyways? Well committing in here refers to staging up the changes that you make in your local machine and far from this pushing it to the branch where other teammates can get themselves update with what you’ve done in project. Why is it to learn committing, can’t you commit just right away? No, […]

Explicit is better than tricks

When writing code, it is always better to be as explicit as possible instead of going for tricks. This concept is best explained by examples so let’s get right into it. The double bang !! (logical NOT) This one is by far the most common “trick” in the JavaScript world. So much so that it […]

Day 78 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Digital Marketing Services, Interview Practice, and Reviewing

Happy weekend, everyone! Another productive day for me. I worked on my website, practiced for interviews, and reviewed Node.js as well as other backend concepts and tools. I finished building another page for my website today, which was about the Digital Marketing Services. The design and layout are similar to the Web Development Services page, […]

πŸš€10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 14th January 2022

Trending Projects is available as a weekly newsletter please sign up at to ensure you never miss an issue. 1. PptxGenJS Create PowerPoint presentations with a powerful, concise JavaScript API. gitbrent / PptxGenJS Create PowerPoint presentations with a powerful, concise JavaScript API. PptxGenJS Create JavaScript PowerPoint Presentations Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction […]

50 lines of JavaScript: animated source code statistics with Vizzu

In this article I visualize the source code statistics of the open-source project which I am a developer of: Vizzu. Since it happens to be a data visualization library, I will use it to show metrics about the project itself. Software is a visual affair We like to talk about programming with my friends. The […]

Clean Code – Javascript

It is not enough for code to work. – Robert C. Martin Having spent hours of time writing, reviewing, and architecting web products, if there is one thing that gives me utmost satisfaction is a well-written code. Writing clean code, to me, should not be a clichΓ© rather a table stake for any software product. […]

Kodular vs Thunkable | which is better? | All-time-dev

Kodular vs Thunkable | which is better? | All-time-dev In this post, we will compare Kodular with Thunkable in different aspects and we will also find out about both of them. So, if you are interested and like our post then share our post with your developer friends and you can also visit all-time-dev for […]

Top 10 Most Useful VSCode Extensions for Web Developers

VSCode is the most widely used text editor because of its ecosystem of extensions. Extensions in VSCode can make your text editor go from just being a text editor to serving as an IDE. These extensions help you in productivity, efficiency, and consistency. They provide unique features which can help you work faster with technologies […]

Git Organized: A Better Git Flow

Imagine this: you’ve been paged to investigate a production incident, and after some digging, you identify the commit with the breaking code. You decide to revert the change: $ git revert 1a2b3c Unfortunately, in doing so, a new bug is introduced! As it turns out, hidden in that old “broken” commit was some code that […]

How do you review CSS?

What is your workflow when you have to do a tech review and there are a bunch of CSS-like files? Do you follow some guidelines? Do you build the feature branch somewhere? Or you just close your eyes πŸ™ˆ, click on the ‘Viewed’ checkbox and let the QA guys do the rest? 😬 πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Source: […]

Next.JS + MUI v5 + TypeScript + Scss + Storybook Starter πŸ“•

Lately, I was building a Next.js, MUI v5, TypeScript, Scss and Storybook for projects. I wanted to have a modern starter repository to speed up my development. A new boiler plate for Next.js with type checking (TypeScript), configured linter (ESlint), configured code formatter (Prettier), Sass / Scss for CSS framework with Material UI v5 theming, […]

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