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Deploying Spring Boot application to Heroku with PostgreSql

In this article, I will talk about how we can easily deploy a Spring Boot application connected to PostgreSql to Heroku. Simply Heroku Heroku is a cloud computing application infrastructure service provider. It is a platform that allows you to deploy your web-based applications deployed in languages such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Go, Scala, […]

Using PostgreSQL in Rails

In this article, we will implement PostgreSQL into our Rails application. By the end, your rails application will have been configured to create its databases using the PostgreSQL adapter. This article is for anyone who has some experience with Ruby on Rails. We will complete the following tasks: — Create a PostgreSQL user and password in […]

Update DOM after state change

The state restaurants changes from an input form in the front and updates a database in the back. Then the idea is to show the RestaurantList component with the new added restaurant from the input. The idea is not to use the useContext hook. I´ve tried using the useEffect hook to render the list everytime […]

TypeORM QueryBuilder should return most recent inner joined record

I am trying to get most recent transaction by using this query inside my NestJs application public findUsersWithRecentTransactions(): Promise<UserEntity[]> { return this.createQueryBuilder(‘users’) .innerJoinAndSelect(‘users.transactions’, ‘transactions’) .where( ‘(users.userType = :userTypeParent AND users.registrationStatus = :registrationStatusParent)’, { userTypeParent: UserType.Parent, registrationStatusParent: RegistrationStatus.onboarded, }, ) .orderBy(‘transactions.created_at’, ‘DESC’).getMany(); } This returns an array of transactions sorted by their created_at date in descending […]

Why my third table won’t create in NodeJs?

I have 2 similar tables, that were created but this one won’t create. If I want to test a route I’m getting "msg: "relation "clinics" does not exist" . Here is the code: const Sequelize = require("sequelize"); const db = require("../db"); const clinic = db.define("clinic", { location: { type: Sequelize.STRING, allowNull: false, }, employees: { […]

Different results for logarithm 0.1 in SQL to Javascript [duplicate]

Simple question, I have a formulae that has completely different results if I execute it in SQL (PostgreSQL) or in javascript. I’m hoping one of you smarter people can tell me why, but mostly help me to get SQL to behave like javascript if possible! I’ve cut the formulae down and the part that breaks […]

PostgresSQL query from front end returns a different timestamp format than what’s displayed in PgAdmin

I query my PostgreSQL database (using ReactJS) and write the result to a text backup file. The query in the code: SELECT test_timestamp FROM test_event The result written to the backup file: "Wed Nov 17 2021 19:17:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)" The timestamp’s format when the query is run in PgAdmin: "2021-11-17 19:17:58+00" Why are […]

API not working as soon as I deploy on DigitalOcean "Cannot read property ‘create’ of undefined"

my very simple prisma GraphQL API works fine on my local PostgreSQL Database hosted on Docker. As soon as I switch to my PostgreSQL hosted on DigitalOcean it stops working. Here is my code: my typeDefs: const typeDefs = gql` type Book { id: ID! name: String content: String } type Query { books: [Book!]! […]

BrowserRouter problems

browserRouter problem: I learned that it has been updated to {Router, routes, link}. I’m trying to build an employee resource tool planner Source: React – Stack Overflow

Why we use JWT if we can use Redux for routes

Sorry for this question, I’m working in a project with React/Django/PostgreSQL, I did a basic routes managing using Redux. I didn’t understand what is the utility of Web Tokens, I want to use them in my project but for now I see that I can do plenty of premission things using Redux states. I really […]

My recursive code that manipulates nested Objects and bulk inserts them into PSQL DB is slow. Is there a faster way?

I have large dataset with the name of Rows in the format of an array containing multi-levels deep Objects, each row could have an array of subrows, each one has the same properties of the parent row. a dataset that If "flattened" into one level objects will result in up to 50-100 Million objects. The […]

Return the pre and post UPDATE column values of a specific row in PostgreSQL

I have a table with columns user_id, item_id, and test. I’m running a query in Node.js that needs to return the value of the ‘test’ column for the updated row BEFORE and AFTER the update took place (in some kind of tuple format, maybe). The query I am running is: `INSERT INTO testTable (user_id, item_id, […]

Next js with Prisma: Upsert based on two conditions

I’m trying to do the following using Prisma: If a category row with the same hash and user_id I have exists, just update it’s "name" field, otherwise, create the row Is this possible? TS is giving me an error saying that the type of the key given on "where" has to be of categoriesWhereUniqueInput, yet […]

How implement Multilanguage site with react typescript from backend Flask?

I have a web app where when the user start the signup process will select the language and also this can be modified in the options settings and that data is already stored in the database with PostgreSQL, the question is what is the best approach to set the language changes over the react typescript […]

Appending a Javascript array to a Postgres text[] row

So if I have a javascript array of strings, how do I append each element to a row in the Postgres text[] column? This is what I’m currently using, but it’s not yielding the desired result (which is just making the text array in the column of {"1","2","3"}. let addNumbers = ‘UPDATE numberTable SET column1 […]

postgres variable injection vs js template string

I am trying to make query returning fields a bit more flexible by passing in the column to be returned but if I use variable injection it will not work and if I use template string it’ll work fine. I am trying not to use template string as possible for these injections const select = […]

Auth0 and PostgreSQL Connection. Working but not inserting new Google Users

So I have followed this guide from the Auth0 blog to connect my custom db to Auth0. For my app I need the user ID in this db table for certain uses. I have connected Auth0 to my React app. If I create a new user with a fake email that isn’t from Google, the […]

How to catch error using Postgres, PG, Express?

const pool = require(‘../db’) const asyncHandler = require(‘express-async-handler’) const { generateToken } = require(‘../middleware/userAuth’) // @desc Register New User // @route POST /api/users/register // @public Public const registerUser = asyncHandler(async(req, res) => { const { email, name, password } = req.body const newUser = { name, email, password } const existingUser = ” if (existingUser) […]

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