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Go Generics: Holistic Thoughts on Performance

There have been lots of discussions on the performance implications of generics in Go, around both specific scenarios and abstractly… Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Explained: Why headless commerce helps SEO and page speed

Yet another one of those SEO / Page performance articles… … I myself have probably read +50 of these by now and to me they always end up being either (a) overly technically detailed or (b) some superficial marketing gimmick that in itself is build for SEO purposes. With this article, I tried to put […]

From Jest to Vitest – Migration and Benchmark

In this post join me as I migrate my project’s test runner framework from Jest to Vitest, and check if it is really as they claim – “A blazing fast unit test framework”. Vitest? I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about Vite which is Evan You’s recent promising project for frontend tooling. Benchmarks claim it […]

7 Out of Office Places to Spark Your Creativity

Creative ideas aren’t always easy to come up with, but some days are harder than others. When those days come, sitting in your office and staring at the walls rarely helps. In fact, working from a static environment might just be the reason you hit a creative wall. Sometimes all you need is a change […]

Firing on all cylinders (Part 2): Understanding Hidden Classes to optimize your JavaScript code

In the first part of this series we went over the differences between dynamic and non-dynamic languages. We also went over the difference between how the two approach object storage lookup. We discussed the meaning of offset, the displacement integer in memory between an object and its properties. We then looked into how JavaScript interpreters […]

Firing on all cylinders(Part 1): Understanding object value lookup in dynamic languages and the rise of hidden classes in v8

There is a lot of information around writing performant JavaScript and optimizing your code for the v8 engine. When you are reading through this information you will see a lot of phrases like inline caching, hidden classes, and memory offset; but what does it all mean? You’ll come across quick one-liners about “always instantiating your […]

Using the CSS Me Not Bookmarklet to See (and Disable) CSS Files

Stoyan is absolutely correct. As much as we all love CSS, it’s still an important player in how websites load and using less of it is a good thing. He has a neat new bookmarklet called CSS Me Not to help diagnose unnecessary CSS files, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The [problem] […]

How to write performant React code: rules, patterns, do’s and don’ts

Performance and React! Such a fun topic with so many controversial opinions and so many best practices flipping to be the opposite in just 6 months. Is it even possible to say anything definitive here or to make any generalized recommendations? Usually, performance experts are the proponents of “premature optimisation is the root of all […]

SigNoz Product Update -Deploy SigNoz using Helm charts, 500+ members on our slack community

Welcome to SigNal 08 – SigNoz’s monthly product update, and the last SigNal issue of 2021! 🥳 This month, we made numerous PRs improving our product experience, added new awesome contributors, and launched a new initiative to discover better UX for our users. We also crossed 500+ members on our Slack community! 🥳 Wrapping up […]

React.js : debouncing and throttling

Introduction In order to build a professional web application, optimization and performance are two important things you need to care about. There are many tips and techniques used to increase the performance of a web application, such as Debouncing and Throttling. When it comes to debouncing and throttling, developers often confuse. During this blog, I […]

How to build a CDN (2/3): server and reverse proxy configuration

In the previous article about basic CDN components we described what components you need to build a CDN, and today we will focus on the software configuration of the servers and the reverse proxy itself, which will cache the content to ensure that the data is always as close as possible to the end visitors. […]

Can Appwrite handle 25 Million documents?

With the release of Appwrite 0.12 come many new features, most notable being a completely overhauled database service. It’s Here! Announcing the Release of Appwrite 0.12! Eldad A. Fux for Appwrite ・ Jan 5 ・ 6 min read #javascript #webdev #programming #news The database didn’t scale well with many documents in previous Appwrite versions. This […]

The best database pagination technique is …

👋 Introduction The Database is one of the cornerstones of every application. It’s where you store everything your app needs to remember, compute later, or display to other users online. It’s all fun and games until the database grows and your application starts lagging because you were trying to fetch and render 1,000 posts at […]

Why Is Website Performance Important And Tricks To Improve Front End Performance

WHY DOES PERFORMANCE MATTER: The performance of your website is important for accessibility and for other metrics that serve the goals of an organization or business. Web performance has a direct correlation to user experience, as well as the overall effectiveness of your site. A slow website can deter users and drive them to your […]

WebP images — A next generation format

WebP images — A next generation format Photo by Designecologist from Pexels What is a WebP file? WebP files are images with the file extension “.webp”. Looking at Wikipedia’s definition: WebP is an image format employing both lossy and lossless compression, along with animation and alpha transparency. Developed by Google, it is designed to create smaller or better-looking images […]

Profiling and Analyzing Performance of Python Programs

Profiling is integral to any code and performance optimization. Any experience and skill in performance optimization that you might already have will not be very useful if you don’t know where to apply it. Therefore, finding bottlenecks in your applications can help you solve performance issues quickly with very little overall effort. In this article […]

Chaos Engineering – The Practice Behind Controlling Chaos

This article was written exclusively for by Matthew Fornaciari, CTO of Gremlin . . . Chaos Engineering might sound like a buzzword – but take it from someone who used to joke his job title was Chief Chaos Engineer (more on that later) it is much more than buzz or a passing fad – […]

Faster JetBrains IDEs with shared indexes

If you develop with IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand, or other JetBrains IDEs, it’s likely you’ve waited for “indexing” to complete after opening a project. While this may be annoying, it’s necessary for IntelliJ and other heavy-weight IDEs to have features such as code search, highlighting, refactoring, and code completion. Waiting for an IDE to finish […]

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