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Why would a business push a native app over a website?

I wanted to write down what I think the reasons are here in December of 2021 so that we might revisit it from time to time in the future and see if these reasons are still relevant. I’m a web guy myself, so I’m interested in seeing how the web can evolve to mitigate these […]

Ionic Portals Aims to Simplify the Integration of Web Apps into iOS and Android Native Code

Ionic describes its new web view component, Ionic Portals, as a “supercharged” version of the native web view controls available on iOS and Android. It aims to make it easier for developers to integrate web apps with native code in an efficient way. By Sergio De Simone Source: InfoQ JavaScript

Those “Get The App” Banners

Why would a company promote a native app over their perfectly usable website? We’d have to ask them, I suppose. But it’s hard not to see this push to native as a matter of priorities: that these companies consider native applications worthy of their limited time, resources, and money. They’re a worthy investment, to hear these banners […]

Delving into Apple’s App Platform

Over the last month I dove into Apple’s Application Development Platform, which provides a unified set of APIs for developing software for MacOS, iOS, WatchOS, tvOS, etc. As a Web Standards Engineer who spends most of his time thinking about and working on the Web Platform, it is rare that I would get such an […]

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