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7 Out of Office Places to Spark Your Creativity

Creative ideas aren’t always easy to come up with, but some days are harder than others. When those days come, sitting in your office and staring at the walls rarely helps. In fact, working from a static environment might just be the reason you hit a creative wall. Sometimes all you need is a change […]

1 year into DevRel, here is what I learned

A little over a year ago I wrote DevRel: The basics, a blog post with my basic understanding about Developer Relations based on my studies about the area. At the time, I had just accepted the offer for my current position, Associate Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic, and was reading everything I could about […]

The Developer's Guide to Budgeting Your Money (What To Do With Your Pay Check)

Introduction Budgeting is hard, and yet, it is dead simple. Like todo lists, there are no shortage of apps and systems for creating and managing a budget. However, the concept is dead simple. It’s sort of like the JavaScript ecosystem (as an example). On one hand, the vast amount of bundlers, compilers, lint tools, etc. […]

What to pursure after graduation?

If you’ve just graduated as a computer science major and if Programming is something you are interested in, Then you should try and focus on any one of these. Data Scientist – Learn and specialise more in DSA based problems. Platforms like LeetCode can help you become a better competitive programmer with good tests over […]

5 lessons I learned working on a real life application

On the road to becoming a developer, creating your own projects is on of the best things you can do to learn by applying your knowledge. However, nothing can compare you working on a real life application. I am now a full stack web developer at a small company based in Johannesburg, South Africa called […]

The Sad Truth as to Why I Chose to Change Careers to Software Engineering

When I am working on these codes, it’s like I am solving problems in my own life and it reminds me that as long as I don’t give up and I am persistent I can do anything. I’m going to date myself here, but I remember the first time my grandfather let me play on […]

What to ask at job interviews when you are being interviewed

There are many guides on how to ace job interviews, you’ll find books, videos, courses on multiple subjects covering every aspect possible, including even prep that is just for specific companies (like checking questions Facebook is currently asking), but we talk very little on how you should also interview the people you’re talking to make […]

Engineering leadership – here are my go to books

Originally published by @davidand393 on The Serverless Edge Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve been an engineering leader for many years. Despite the experience under my belt, and as any good technical professional will tell you, you are always learning – every day is a school day. There are a lot of books, podcasts, articles and […]

How to be a Web Developer in 2022

With 2022 just started you might want to get started in programming You can watch the full video on YouTube Decide which platform you would like to program for Web Mobile Desktop application Once you decide what platform the confusion begin where do i start? In this video we will break down Web For Web […]

How to avoid burnout as a Developer

Let’s pause the technical stuff for a week and talk about how should we maintain our mental health as a developer (as a human). I have always been a self-motivated person and wanting to push myself to do more and learn more in life. Besides, I had a bad habit where I tend to blame […]

Lack of Motivation

I don’t know about you but I sure lack motivation to work on projects and just get out of bed sometimes, most of us struggle with anxiety, depression and even acute mental disorders, but the one thing that seems to keep us going is a reconnection with the world around us, I want to tell […]

100 Awesome tech talks – 1: Ease at work – Kent beck

Ease at work – Kent Beck What does ease mean? State of comfort Freedom from worry, pain or agitation Readiness in performance, facility State of comfort We need to have a sense when working that we are doing the right thing, that we are at the right place, that we are answering our calling. Freedom […]

Insights into a working day of a developer in a project

Today was my first day on the new project team. Although today’s focus was on the setup, I already learned a lot of (useful) things and tools that I didn’t know before. (I guess that’s the great part of always working in other project teams). Let me describe today in more detail 🤓 Daily Scrum […]

Life Lessons : The Fourth Passenger

I have dropped the pen for a while but looking at the stacks of UN-shared life lessons and write ups ! I have to share this and lighten the vessel . The fourth passenger is borne out of a whole lot of personal and virtual experiences, I really hope y’all able to get the message ! I boarded […]

My Year 2021: From Broke to Time, Location, and Financial Freedom

The year 2021 has been a roller coaster for me. It started with being broke and disappointed to end it by making close to $1000 in a few months. It led me to gain Time, Location, and Financial Freedom. Below is how things unfolded for me this year. January: Broke and disappointed I spent the […]

Chronoshift – (Rebuilt) Binary Clock

Preface After a few months away from coding I have finally recovered the energy and motivation to code after what seemed like the roughest months of my life 💀. This past year has been a mix of really unlucky events for me and I just had to take some time for myself. As of now […]

7 Steps to Reduce Code Smell 🦨

Code smell is a way to describe code that hasn’t aged well and has the potential for a lot of issues. It usually is the source of a lot of hot fixes or workarounds keeping it functional. My most common reflex is to rewrite it. However, if I’m not careful, I’ll waste an entire day […]

Day 96/100 Data Types

Seven fundamental data types: Number: Any number, including numbers with decimals: 4, 8, 1516, 23.42. String: Any grouping of characters on your keyboard (letters, numbers, spaces, symbols, etc.) surrounded by single quotes: ‘ … ‘ or double quotes ” … “. Though we prefer single quotes. Some people like to think of string as a […]

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