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Monitoring Django application performance with OpenTelemetry | SigNoz

Django is a popular open-source python web framework that enables rapid development while taking out much of the hassle from routine web development. It also helps developers to avoid common security mistakes. As such, many applications are built with Django. Django is very popular among web developers and has a huge community behind it. It […]

Will a couple of line markers in IDE make your microservice code mode readable?

Writing microservices has never been easy and does not become easier with growing codebases. All the complexity strives from tons of interactions between the moving parts of your applications. And then we had this year’s holidays and I had enough free time to think about it. Many complex measures can be used to make the […]

SigNoz Product Update -Deploy SigNoz using Helm charts, 500+ members on our slack community

Welcome to SigNal 08 – SigNoz’s monthly product update, and the last SigNal issue of 2021! 🥳 This month, we made numerous PRs improving our product experience, added new awesome contributors, and launched a new initiative to discover better UX for our users. We also crossed 500+ members on our Slack community! 🥳 Wrapping up […]

Micro Frontends

We all familiar with the term Micro Services, lot of organizations adapted this pattern to decompose their monolith back-end applications in to seperate entities based on their functions, that can be coveniently developed, tested and deployed with lot of other services. While the Front-end mostly kept Monolith. Now what if we apply this pattern of […]

Postman-powered testing of Akka Serverless gRPC APIs

Over the holidays, 2021, Postman gifted a fine upgrade to its users: beta support for the gRPC protocol in its API platform. As a Product Manager for Lightbend and helping out on its new gRPC native PaaS for building and running APIs and microservices, I was excited, to say the least. In another, recent blog […]

APIs for Beginners

Are you looking to benefit from automation but lack the experience to leverage an API? To equip you with the tools you need to start utilizing APIs and automation, we’ve put together these helpful Beginner FAQs covering common terminology, methods, and tools for testing APIs. What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. […]

Mezon PHP Framework : results of the 2021 year

Hi all! New Year and Christmas have passed and now is a good time to remind all achivements within the Mezon PHP Project and think what to do in 2022. Let’s start! Mezon PHP Framework have gathered about 100 more stars (spread on different packages) on Hope next year will give us at least […]

Why use microservice in Embedded

Do you wonder why use the microservice methodology in your embedded project? Let’s do a brief 1-minute architectural analysis to understand how your project can benefit from it and how Luos could help you in this way → Source: DEV Community

API Authentication types – Part 1

Hey folks! In this article (part 1) and the upcoming article (part 2), I will cover and summarize the types of mostly used authentication generally used for API/Backend development and as per RFC ## Table Of Contents * Introduction * Types of Authentication Introduction What is Authentication & Authorization? Authentication is the process of proving […]

Monitoring your Nestjs application using OpenTelemetry

Nestjs is a Nodejs framework for building scalable server-side applications with typescript. It makes use of frameworks like Express and Fastify to enable rapid development. It has gained wide popularity in recent times, and many applications are making use of the Nestjs framework. Monitoring your Nestjs application is critical for performance management. But setting up […]

Deploy Microservices In Production

Introduction In this article we will learn the difference between deploying a monolithic application and deploying a microservices application, we will discuss the different available options and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. So lets get straight into it. Deploying a monolithic application means running multiple, identical copies of a single, usually large […]

Single Service or Container

You Guessed it Right Container/Docker Whatever you wanna call it, I call it Docker mostly 😉. Let’s discuss WHY? Why we needed something like docker (if know about docker if not just wait)? Answer to the above question can be explained by the simple line you might have heard about it !! “It works in […]

Spans – a key concept of distributed tracing 📊

Spans are fundamental building blocks of distributed tracing. A single trace in distributed tracing consists of a series of tagged time intervals known as spans. Spans represent a logical unit of work in completing a user request or transaction. Distributed tracing is critical to application performance monitoring in microservice-based architecture. Before we deep dive into […]

What Is Event Sourcing?

Event Sourcing is a different persistence approach; instead of saving the last state of an object, in event sourcing, we persist all the domain events that have affected this object in its entire life. This is, actually, not an innovative nor revolutionary way to do, as banks, for instance, have been doing it from the […]

Data Streaming for Microservices using NATS Streaming – Part 1

The goal behind Data streaming is to process and analyze in real-time, data that move from data sources to destinations. It is mostly used in microservices to ensure inter-services communication. In a microservice architecture, the recommendation is to build independent services that can be altered, updated or taken down without affecting the rest of the […]

O que é o Apache Kafka?

o Apache Kafka é uma ferramenta usada para arquitetura distribuída, temos muitos exemplos que usam Mensageria, como Uber, IFood, entre vários outros. É uma forma de enviar dados e recebê-los simultaneamente, poderíamos dizer que o Kafka é um serviço que tem vários serviços juntos, onde um consome ou produz, como se fossem colmeias de abelha. […]

Orchestration and Microservices – A match made in heaven

Microservices have emerged as the dominant application development paradigm in the software world today. It has tremendous benefits both from a business and technical perspective due to its fundamental characteristics of agility, scalability, and resiliency. However, implementing microservices are hard! The inherently distributed nature of this architectural pattern introduces complexity across multiple areas especially around […]

OpenTelemetry SDK and Collector Deployment Strategies

So you are starting your journey with OpenTelemetry, congrats! When looking back on my OpenTelemetry journey, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. So I’m writing this to try and help. In this article, I will walk you through the different deployment methods. More specifically, what options are available for us when it comes to the SDK […]

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