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Livewire – Revolução no desenvolvimento front-end Laravel?

Quem nunca teve problemas na hora de fazer o desenvolvimento do seu front-end? Quem nunca queria usar Vue, mas por não saber usar muito bem, sofreu para conseguir um resultado igual ele? Pois bem, a recém-nascida lib do Laravel chamada Livewire promete resolver esses problemas! Entenda melhor a ferramenta neste post 😉 AFINAL, O QUE […]

How does Vue.js DOM "cascade"?

I just removed scoped from the <style> tag in app.vue because I wanted to use app.vue as the "main" vue file. Every style property in app.vue now "cascades" down to all vue files but the problem is that these properties can’t be changed anymore, not even in the particular vue files. How does the virtual […]

Vue.Js Retrieve data from database to fill input using datalist

I’m doing a project using Laravel 8 and Vue 3, and I have a Student Component. There is in it, a datalist to find the students that are already created, and I would like, when I select a student, that it fills my fields with the data that is in my database. I already tried […]

How to globally change margin and padding in Vue.js/Laravel project?

Laravel’s welcome.blade.php (which compiles to index.php) is built like this: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="{{ str_replace(‘_’, ‘-‘, app()->getLocale()) }}"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <title>Title</title> </head> <body> <div id="app"> <app></app> </div> </body> <script src="{{ mix(‘js/app.js’) }}"></script> </html> <div id="app"> serves as placeholder for your app. I want to change the global margin/padding to 0. […]

Using Javascript to provide specific form results

I am rebuilding a very old site I created, related to the history of the Holocaust. I have a form for a gallery to upload an image. There are two initial things it needs to know. Category Album I select the category first: @foreach ($gallery_categories as $gallery_category) <div> <label class="capitalize">{{ $gallery_category->name }}</label> <input type="radio" name="gallery_category_id" […]

Variable becomes undefined after npm run production in Vue + Laravel project

I have a variable var self = this that becomes var self = undefined after npm run production. For context, this is a Laravel project that I am adding Vue to create a Homepage.vue component. First I created the assets/js/homepage/homepage.js: // ***************************** // ***** Private Variables ***** // ***************************** /** * Save this instance * […]

CSS background image in Vue.js and Laravel not showing

I am trying to put a transparent background image over a black background color into my container div inside of app.vue: My app.vue file: <template> <div id="container"> </div> </template> <script> export default { name: "app", } </script> <style scoped lang="scss"> #container { height: 50vh; background: url("../../assets/images/img.png"), black; background-size: 100%; } </style> My welcome.blade.php file: <!DOCTYPE […]

Laravel VueQuerybuilder addfilter() how to change lable

I used laravel vue query builder. For filter option i used the below code return Inertia::render(‘Speaker/List’, [ ‘users’=>$users, ])->table(function ($table) use ($degreeArr, $ProductArr) { $table->addFilter(‘’, ”, $ProductArr); }); I gives teh output fine as <select class="block "><option value="1">Test1</option><option value="2">Test2</option><option value="3">Test3</option><option value="">-</option></select> Here in last option the – value is added. Here I want to Change […]

Invalid configuration object. Object has been initialized (‘webpackbar’)

In the previous week, I have been exploring the world of Laravel + Vue development as I need some knowledge in this for my upcoming internship. I have created 2 other proof of concepts so far, and both didn’t get this error. But when I went on to create a third proof of concept, this […]

Tooltip using TailwindCss and AlpineJs

In this Tutorial, we will build Tooltip using TailwindCss and AlpineJs and then encapsulate the logic into Laravel Component. At the end of the Tutorial, we will have a Tooltip like below: Before you begin further please make sure that you have a Laravel Project installed along with AlpineJs and TailwindCss. I would suggest installing […]

I’m encountering a 405 error in my Laravel 8/VUE project

I am creating a project in Laravel 8 with VUE, and I am encountering a "405: Method Not Allowed" error. I am not sure how to overcome it. At first, I was encountering issues at this stage because I accidentally identified my URL in my post request as "". To combat that, I installed CORS […]

Making Laravel clean up .har files and use data for db

I want a user to be able to upload a .har file and then use Javascript to "read" the file, keep non-sensitive data, and upload it to the MySQLi server. All connections to the database must be made with AJAX. All withing the Laravel Framework My question is: I have found a way to manipulate […]

How to Assert Redirects to Signed URLs in Laravel Tests

Introduction I recently made a pull request that got merged into the Laravel framework and was released in v8.55. It added a new assertRedirectToSignedRoute() method that you can use in your tests. I’ve been using this method in a few of my projects for quite a while by adding it using macros, but I decided […]

Livewire – Is it possible to have multiple actions?

I want an action to be triggered by click and keydown.enter. Is it possible to have multiple actions? <button class="" wire:click="search">Search</button> Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Problem with updating a vue file in a published web project

I have made some changes in an installed laravel project on my server, I am not a laravel or vue developer but I changed a footer text in one of its vue files. However, the issue is after editing the file and refreshing my browser nothing has been changed! I read some articles about it […]

Syncing Larvel Debugbar to Vue’s UI

We are making an axios call that pulls in a gigantic object which is used to render a very lengthy UI using Bootstrap Vue. The issue is that the UI continues to be rendered well after the axios call has been received. Is there a way to check if everything is done rendering in Vue? […]

How to change Vue component after axios post method

I’m using laravel 8 and vue 3 I have a SessionComponent.vue and theres is a button on it, and I would like when I click on that button, wich is going trigger an axios post method, to have my StudentComponent.vue displaying. I tried to use vue-router, but it doesnt work for me I have a […]

show only "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined"

I am using inertia.js and building a form.When I checked in console.log,show only "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined",I have no idea how to fix this.please suggests me how to fix this This is registration form in register.vue <form @submit.prevent="register"> <div class="form-group"> <label for="name">Enter Name</label> <input type="text" :class="[‘form-control’,’border border-danger’:”]" id="name" v-model="name"> <small class="text text-danger" […]

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